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Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony Script – Preschool Graduation -Function Script

Kindergarten is the base of every student’s life, where they learn the basics of life and start life’s journey from there. Every kindergarten organizes a moving up ceremony at the end of the year and appreciates students to proceed furthermore. You will find the kindergarten moving up ceremony script in this article, which will give you a good clue on the function workflow.

Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony Script


Requesting those who are seated to please stand for the opening prayer to be led by students of Kinder One and please remain standing for the singing of the National Anthem with……………..singing the national anthem in princess and Marie conducting.

You may all now be seated. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is the (Name of kindergarten) moving up ceremony, indeed, this is a beautiful day to celebrate what God has planned for each one of us. To officially start our program this morning let us give a round of applause and listen to our vice president for finance and administration Mr.(Name here).

Vice President Speech

Thank you very much, Mr……………… Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you will enjoy the presentation of your children this morning as their way of saying thank you for all the hard work you have given to them.

Calling Students for Presentation

Ladies and gentlemen now will go for the presentations of the afternoon classes and we will start with Kinder One. Please a thunder of claps for them to present you their presentation.

A round of applause for the kinder one. Good job kids you did it magnificently and we will have another group that will present a charming presentation. Yes, Nursery joy for our next class presentation. Let’s give a round of applause for Nursery Joy.

Let’s clap our hands for these kids and congratulations on a very great job kids. Now we will move to the last of our class presentation for the afternoon classes, let’s give a round of applause to Nursery Faith.

Wow! I am sure everyone in the hall liked the performance. Thank you very much, Nursery Faith. Another round of applause for our Nursery Faith Pupils.

How to Award Certificates to the Students

Now this is the part where I believe the parents are very much excited to witness and to be part of it as this is the presentation or awarding of certificates and this will be done by Mr…………. to be assisted by……………………. and we will start with the morning classes. We will start with Kinder One, may I call the advisor of Kinder One Ms…………..

Let me just remind you of the following house rules. Please refrain from standing and crowding in front of the stage taking pictures during performances or during the presentation of certificates as High Definition pictures of our program will be available on the official page of our Kindergarten.

Moreover, Please make sure that your child does not roam around the church as the program is going on. Thank you very much.

Class Advisor: Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to present to you the movers of Kinder One-piece boys (write names here) and for girls (write names here).

Congratulations once again boys and girls. Now we proceed to the awarding of certificates to the Kinder One Patient’s Pupil with Ms………….. their advisor.

Class Advisor: Ladies and gentlemen with pride and joy I present to you the movers of Kinder One Patient for the school year…………….starting with the boys (write boys names) and for the girls………….

Calling Students For Performance

Once again congratulations to our movers from the morning classes. This time we will witness another set of presentations from the morning classes so ladies and gentlemen, parents, guests friends let’s give a round of applause to Kinder One Piece.

Thank you very much Kinder One Piece Pupils. Our next presentation is from Kinder One Patience. Ladies and gentlemen please a round of applause.

Good job kids from Kinder One Patience, and to complete our set of presentations let’s give a round of applause to the pupils’ Nursery Charity, please clap your hands for them.

Thank you very much Nursery Charity pupils. Let’s give all our morning class presenters our round of applause once again. Now we will proceed to the awarding of certificates of the afternoon classes, to be distributed by………………and to be assisted by………………and we will start with Kinder One Hope with Ms…………..their advisor.

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Present Speech Sample

Mr./Ms…………. our invited guest, thank you for responding to our invitation. Your presence is indeed a joy and color to our celebration. Actually, we are glad by the message, and may God continue to strengthen in doing such a great task here at our beloved central. Congratulations to all movers for finishing well may the experiences of our kindergarten mold you into what God desired for you to be.

With God’s help and support of your parents and teachers guide and help you move on further in your life’s journey and purpose…

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How to Conclude the Function

Now we will witness another presentation as our movers perform their moving of song. Ladies and gentlemen, parents, guests, friends let’s give a round of applause to the movers of the year………….as they perform in all my ways.

Pray for Movers

To pray for our movers and for the benediction may I call………………. May I request everyone to please arise, let us pray:

Loving God giver and sustainer of life, we are grateful for your faithfulness to the lives of our students, teachers, and even our parents.

We thank you for helping them reach the end of this level. For all the new things they have learned and discovered.

We thank you. For all the corrections and realizations.

Thank you for the friends they made and enjoyed thank you for the love and support of our parents.

thank you for the guidance and patience of our teachers.

We learned to love, respect, kindness, and the basics of life in kindergarten, may we never forget them all.

As we end today we thank you for your blessings for everyone, go ahead and guide us. And now we give you all the glory honor and praise now and forevermore.

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