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The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg-a Personal Review

Charles Duhigg is an NYT investigator officer. He writes The Power of Habit that is vast in its exploration, but very simple in its context, explaining, understanding, and changing the action that fills our lives, both on daily basis and as a whole: habits.

In this article, I will give you a personal view of The Power of Habit and how it helped me build strong habits.

Is The Power of Habit a Business Book?

the power of habit
the power of habit

Ask any business person or visit WatchMojo’s top 10 books to read for business students, “What is the first book I should read that will help me as a student of business studies?” – They will certainly point to the “The Power Of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.

While that was the exact motive for me to pick up and start this novel, its practicality throughout all aspects of life was what kept me going. Don’t be taken aback if this book is referred to as a business book for business students, because while it does have elements related to business fields of studies. It is otherwise widely applicable on other, more general, events of our lives.

And even the business examples are, what I consider to be, a taste for everyone. All in all, it is a very relevant book for readers from all fields of studies and of all ages, because, let me tell you, we are building habits as soon as we are born, and we are carrying them into all parts of our lives.

The Power of Habit is very reader-friendly

probably the friendliest one I have read so far. Whether it’s the well-parted chapters of the book: from individuals to businesses and then to societies. Or the sub-parts among these chapters that evaluate the topics in a very plain, understandable way.

If put in academic subjects context, this book is English among the confusing subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Math or Physics. Also, whether it’s the many, on-point, highly interesting examples which are amazing to discover as we read along, a grabbing manner that they are written with, the irresistible astonishment that keeps striking you as you ride the journey of unbelievable findings of how habits are formed, and how the brain (or you) process it repeatedly throughout your life.

Or the science of reprogramming the bad habits that you couldn’t distinguish from your messed up life, and turning them into stepping stones for your new, fresh, happy life; it’s an ease to go through this book and learn whatever there is to offer.

That’s what I loved most about this novel, it’s so easy to read through yet it’s very comprehensible for each reader that reads it.

The Power of Habit – an Overview

The writing of Charles Duhigg compliments the fascinating content of this book. Combined, they work like a charm and fulfills its purpose, that of reaching the rigid mindsets of the readers and melting them away with the knowledge that they will embrace happily.

If we take out a ratio of the book’s content, it’s 70 of examples to 30 of typical literature elaborating the examples, and it works so well for Charles Duhigg. Right from the start, up until the last pages of the book, which is 285 pages Archive included.

It’s filled with true examples of people with bad habits, or professors studying these examples in order to dig out the science behind these habits. But the cases here are very effective in conveying the point that the writer is making. Without these stories, the gems of this novel wouldn’t shine nearly as much. All in all, these examples and the case-points behind them are very systematic and pleasantly easy for the brains to grasp. For brain especially, it is ridiculously fascinating to discover so much about itself that it performed so unthinkable until now.

Being so organized and systematic helps the book be very compelling for the readers which helps it grab as many readers, millions until now me included and the future ones that I will recommend it to and those who’ll be recommended further, and put them on more refined, organized, better in every way, and more conscious way of living.

The Power of Habit’s Archive

The archive included for the ease of the readers, which I discovered at the end of the book, really summed the book up for me, and sort of gave me an insight/review of what I am taking away from the book.

I am sure whether the writer intended for the writers to read it before starting the book or, like me, after. But it doesn’t make a difference that much, reading it first will give you an idea of what the book is about, the latter will, as it did for me, sum it up for you; I prefer the latter.

An Excerpt to The Power of Habit

If you know how to redirect the water. You now have the power to swim.

Duhigg has really impressed me with his revolutionary book that helps you switch the algorithms from deep within. Then, see the magic of how everything else falls into their own places, themselves. Unlike the other self-help books, this one really sticks with you for its reader-friendliness and organized way of conveying the message that otherwise seems hard to understand. If anything, this book is fascinating and praiseworthy for that. Highly recommended (and not just for the business people).

My praise for The Power of Habit

Literally life-changing. More and more absorbing as you effortlessly turn the pages.

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A personal review and overview to The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg one of the most friendly, influential books of all time.

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