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Top 10 Ways to Speed Read

Do you want to speed read? Read one book a week or maybe a day but can’t do that? Or probably you might want to read several books in a month but can’t do that. So, today be careful just because there will be the best way to boost up your reading power to read a book week or also a book per day.

However, before starting it, just remember that you need to be active just because you want to learn the things that you want to know before others to speed read.

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1. Stop Doing the Inner Monologue

So, the first way to speed read is to ban your Inner Monologue. The inner monologue means talking to your own self when we are reading. Because it will not let you work on what you want, we recommend that you should avoid it.

Therefore, avoiding Inner Monologue will let you to concentrating on the book you are reading. Besides, it helps you understand what the book is about. Thus, try to avoid your inner Monologue to read your books very carefully and to boost up reading speed it.

2. Word chunking

So, now coming to another tip on how to speed read which is the Word Chunking. Word-chunking is closely parallel with the idea of reducing the inner monologue. This is the act of reading multiple words at once. Besides, it is the key to reading faster.

So, all of these reading tips knot together. However, word-chunking is reasonably the most active tool to use when you work to Boost up your reading power.

3. Use a Timer to Speed Read

Now coming to another which is that you should Always Use A Timmer. The question may arise in your mind that why you need to use a timer. Because tracking your time will let you do your work as much as fast as you want.

It will also be as the goal just because you’re putting a goal that from this time to the next time I should do that. So, by doing this you will be able to know how much fast are you doing your reading and also boost up your reading power.

set timer to speed read

4. Don’t reread

Before jumping to the other the most important and killer reason for the slow reading is rereading the page. If we see the best reader their eyes are in constant motion from page to page.

Therefore, by doing this you will be able to read the book as fast as possible and also know each everything easily one the pages so by this you can boost up your reading power.

4. Use a pencil

So, now coming to the next one which is to use a marker when we are reading something. So, the question arises in your mind that why do you need to use a pencil as a pointer. It is just because when we are reading something that our eyes will be attracted somewhere else and you can’t read. Therefore, if you will try to use the marker than your reading power will boost up.

How to use a pencil as a pointer? It is easy. Put the marker on that place that you want to read to make yourself attentively focus on one word that you want to read. So, want to boos up your reading power than use this.

5. Set Goal

yes, set goals. you think that why this so by setting this you will be able to do your work as much fast as you can. And also by this, you can boost up your reading power. It is the best technique to speed read.

So, think how to do it is easy to put a goal for your self like till this time to the next time I should read this much with also understanding it. By this, you will be able to boost up your reading power.

Set Goal

6. Try to read fast

Reading fast is the tool and way to boost up your reading power. Just because you will try to read fast also you will be able to boost up your reading power by this also.

So, do this if you want to boost up your reading power.

7. Skim First

Skimming might not be suggested always. But is a very useful technique. Skimming will let you see the main points first and understand them. By this, you will be able to speed read. So, do this to boost up your reading power.

Skimming will let you read the book very fast as much as you can. Also just remember that skim the main points first. To understand them fast and also to read them fast.

8. Start with Why

The most important one is to decide on which purpose you are trying to read. Also by this, you can do your works very fast just because that you reading for a purpose and you need to reach there.

Thus, to boost up your reading power, skim first.

10. Record Yourself

Finally, coming to the last one is to record yourself. Just because you record your self and know how much fast are you reading.

So, by this recording, you will know yourself reading power and try the next time to read faster and faster.


These were the top 10 ways to speed read and boost your reading power. We hope it was helpful to you. For questions or suggestions, you can contact us using our contact page or comment below.

Moreover, you can check your reading speed here.

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