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When God Answered Man!

The following When God Answered Man anecdote, When God Answered Man, shines a light on our forgotten responsibilities as a human being, as a citizen; it shows how quick we are to complain, but how unwilling to make that difference. We hope, we all learn something valuable at the end of the story and let the impact of the story help us become a better human.

When God Answered Man!

“On a cold winter night, a man decided to take a walk around the city. As he got out of the house, it suddenly started to rain and the cold evening just got colder. He went back in and took an umbrella with him, and grabbed a shawl too to keep himself warmer.

As he started to go down the alley of a busy downtown, he noticed a little boy, sitting under a street light, begging for food and money. He had torn clothes that weren’t enough to keep him warm, and he was there under the open sky which was raining; he was shivering out of the cold.

The man got instantly angry and looked up at the sky and said, “Why God, why? Why are You so unfair? Why don’t you ever do something about it?” But since there came no answer, he quit his walk and went home angry.

But as he was about to sleep, there did come an answer; God replied, “I most certainly did something about it: I made you.”

Moral of the story:

  • Be the change you want to see in the world.
  • Take responsibilities for things that are for a greater good; don’t be self-centered all the time.

Lessons to take away:

As human beings, we have failed on so many levels. Ever since we started to live in a civilized society, where classes define our worth and our respect among others, we lost our sense of humanity altogether. We have become so self-centered and indifferent to our fellow humans that we hardly even notice people’s sufferings, let alone care about them.

But even if some of us begin to care about other people, our generosity ends right there. We think the problem is pointed out now. All that is left to do is for someone to do something about it; but the sad reality, no one does it, just like you didn’t.

There could be two approaches to the problems in our lives: reactive and proactive. The man who asked God questions was being reactive towards the situation of that boy. Now the problem with reactive approaches is that you never feel responsible or capable to do something about that issue – you just complain and get angry about it. But the truth is, you always can do something.

That night, God replied and showed the man a proactive approach to the exact same situation. God made the man feel accountable and capable of the issue’s solution. Maybe we all need to have this proactive approach in our lives and towards the lives out there. Maybe we all can make a difference, it’s a matter of realizing and asking ourselves a simple question: “what can I do to make it better? Regardless of how bad the situation is, or who is actually responsible for it.”


I hope and pray that we start rewiring our reactive approaches to proactive ones and begin to see ourselves as an active part of the solutions, rather than a passive part of the problems. Life can become so beautiful then, and humanity can flourish again!

Additionally, I hope the anecdote “When God Answered Man” has been impactful in some ways so don’t forget to share the lessons you took away with yourself. Also, for more life-changing lessons, click here.

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