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Cheap Textbooks Online – The 10 Best Textbook Rentals for Students

College is EXPENSIVE! As students, you need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on various things including textbooks. Thus, once you have your degree in your hand, you have a large amount of debt to pay. Therefore, most of the students, up until 10 years of their career, only pay their student loans. Nevertheless, you can save some money on things you do not need or things you can rent or buy used. Textbooks are one of them. They are expensive if you buy a new one. For that purpose, there are hundreds of cheap textbooks online stores to help you.


Get Cheap Textbooks Online and Start Saving Money

cheap textbooks online
cheap textbooks online

The list of cheap textbooks online below covers some of the most popular and reliable online book rentals out there. They offer a wide range of services including buying, selling and renting textbooks. Additionally, if you have used any of them in the list and or any other cheap textbooks website, you can vote your favorite at the end of the article.

1. Amazon

There isn’t much that you just can not get on Amazon, and low-cost textbooks are not any exception. With all its glory and best customer services, Amazon has to make it to no 1 on this cheap textbooks online list.

you can search, buy, sell and/or rent textbooks and ebooks faster than it may take you to get distracted by all the opposite fabulous deals on Amazon.

Also, students with a university email address are eligible for 6 months of free Amazon Prime through the Amazon Student deal. Besides this means you can get free two-day shipping on countless things.

Visit Amazon

2. Chegg

For those of you who fancy renting books to buying them, Chegg offers amazing services. A self-proclaimed center of student resources, Chegg offers each textbook rentals with a 21-day guarantee. In alternative words, if you aren’t satisfied with your textbook, you’ll be able to ship it back to them for a full refund. However, you will have to minus the value of shipping.

And if you’re naïve to the textbook rental fuss but have some up-to-date textbooks lying around, you’ll be able to sell them to Chegg. And make some additional money. Chegg offers purchase quotes online. Therefore, you’ll be able to find out how much you’ll get for your books immediately!


cheap textbook online - BigWords

This one is not a cheap textbook website on its own. Alternatively, the service is a search engine to assist you to look for the most affordable costs on no matter what books you wish to shop for. You will probably end up shopping for books at a totally different cheap textbook website. However, you will get the best and affordable textbook and therefore the best shipping prices.

This “cheap textbook online” service supports both renting and buying books. Besides, with a wide range of options, it offers both new and used books. Furthermore, once your college semester is over, it even supports selling those books back to the best bidder. Therefore, you earn some cash at the end of each term.

Besides, BigWords makes the whole process super easy. Because the main website works as a search engine, the retailer gets a portion of your purchases like any affiliate program. Nevertheless, you will get absolutely the best purchase for your effort.


4. AbeBooks

AbeBooks has been around for ages. And has remarkably altered very little over the years, this, however, is a good factor. The service yet searches and offers large discounts on textbooks from thousands of various other cheap textbooks online services to offer the most affordable prices.

Furthermore, there is a great marketplace in and off AbeBooks. This means you can get several of your textbooks directly from AbeBooks. Besides, you can also sell used textbooks back to them directly rather than aiming for multiple retailers.

AbeBooks regularly offers great discounts on both international versions of textbooks and used and secondary versions. It is also very common to see discounts rise up to 70%+ compared to original retail costs. Moreover, AbeBooks partners with local booksellers in specific cities for even further inventory.

Visit AbeBooks

5. DealOZ

DealOz is another amazing service, that searches tons of cheap textbook websites for the best textbook discounts. The cheap textbooks online service makes it easier to compare costs across multiple online textbook retailers. Besides, it takes into consideration things like shipping prices. And even it shows you completely different costs for dealings versus shopping for. Therefore, you’ll be able to create the most useful purchase for you.

Moreover, it boasts discounts well north of 95% on all of your acquisitions compared to retail. you’ll be able to look for new and used books, various editions, and more, then compare all of them before you really purchase.

Additionally, DealOZ even includes discounts and deals on movies, music, games, and television releases. Thus, you’ll be able to get great deals on pretty much everything looking in one place.

Visit DealOZ

6. AllBookStores

Having a tough time deciding between the best “cheap textbooks online” platforms? Your best play may be beginning at It is a hub where you’ll be able to rummage around dozens of online bookstores, such as Amazon, eBay, Barnes & Noble, and is pretty no-frills. However, what it lacks in extra-special options it makes up for the Compare Prices option. It is like one click of a button and you’ll be gazing at all of the best prices for your textbook one by one. Thus, it’s like waving a wand over your wallet!

Visit AllBookStores

7. BetterWorldBooks

For socially aware students, Better World Books may be an excellent choice for getting cheap textbooks online. As an eco-friendly organization and company, Better World Books assembles used books and saves them from landfills. Also, it helps and funds literacy projects in the United States and around the globe.

Furthermore, the most significant part of shopping at Better World Books is their Book for Book promise for each book purchased through their website. Basically, if you purchase a book at Better World Books, they’re going to gift a book to somebody in need. Besides, they also have partnerships with noncommercial organizations like Room to Read and Books for Africa.

Visit BetterWorldBooks

8. Campus Book Rentals

This is another cheap textbook online service that’s great for such students who shy away from getting rented textbooks. Campus Book Rentals makes it very easy to seek out the book you wish with an affordable value. According to their website, they’ve helped students save approximately $113 million.

Moreover, Campus Book Rentals encourages the renters to use their textbooks as if they were their own valuable possessions. Thus, you will have to treat them well if you want to return it at the end of the semester.

Visit Campus Book Rentals

9. BookFinder

Cheap Textbooks online - BookFinder

It is one of the most useful websites that search different sites for the most affordable costs on books. You can start hunting for the best textbooks by entering the ISBN, title, or the author’s name. Once you get your results, choose the book you wish and you’ll then see costs from cheap textbooks online stores such as Amazon, eBay, Valore Books, and others.

Depending on the vendor, you’ll be able to purchase either used or new books. All you need to do is click on the price for the web search and you’ll be taken there to shop for your book.

Visit BookFinder

10. SlugBooks

Cheap Textbooks Online - Slug Books
Slug Books

While a bit more restricted in its sources, SlugBooks still remains one of the best cheap textbooks online services. To purchase your textbooks, seek for your book then review the price alongside costs from stores like Amazon, Chegg, field Book Rentals.

Click on the price you would like, head thereto online store, and get your book. Additionally, SlugBooks offers associate choice to sell your books back. Enter your school and state then register your book for students to check and hopefully purchase.

Visit SlugBooks

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Wrapping Up Cheap Textbooks Online Services

So that is it for the best places to get cheap textbooks online. Also, no matter where you choose to shop, you should always take your time to compare prices and quality.

Moreover, if you have ever used one of the above cheap textbook websites, you can vote the quality of your experience in the poll down below. Or if you have used any other cheap textbook rentals, you can enter that down below and let us know.

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