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Write an Essay Outline in 5 Steps

An essay is a piece of writing (which could be academic) that needs a well-organized structure. This is because it has to be easily comprehensible by readers. Writing an essay outline is not as difficult as many people find it. All that is required is to follow simple formats, and creating an effective piece will be easy. It becomes much easier when you follow a detailed essay outline guide. Another key step that can make it easier for you is regular practice.

For some people, writing could be difficult, even when provided with a writing format. This may be a result of being engaged in different businesses. For this reason, they opt for other options that can save them the stress of doing the job themselves. People of this category find sites where they can pay for custom essays useful and helpful. If you want to do the task yourself, you have to follow a writing guide that can help you get the job done easily and quickly. First thing, you should understand what an essay outline is and how to plan it. This brings us to the question, what is an outline essay?

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What is an Essay Outline?

An essay outline is a guide or roadmap to quality essay writing. It focuses on the structure and proper organization of the article you are about to write. Just like every building has a map or plan before construction, the essence of essay writing outlines is the same. You will find it uneasy about writing a premium paper if you do not have a plan that can guide you through the process. A paper outline helps to:

  • Organize your ideas and thoughts
  • Make your work clearer and easy to understand
  • Understand the flow of information
  • Complete your work faster

The above-listed points are important for creating an essay outline. Now that you know what a composition outline is and its importance, the next thing that comes to mind is how to write an essay outline.

How Do You Write an Essay Outline?

The first thing to do before you start writing is to create an essay outline. This is essential as you spend less time writing your article when you have a good outline. Aside from saving you time, an essay outline provides you with clean and presentable work. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to create an essay outline.

If you are among those who do not know how to compose an outline, then this section of this article is for you. Here, we will provide simple steps to help you form a writing outline. When you pay more attention to learning these steps, essay writing will not be an issue for you.

Below are 5 steps to follow on how to write an essay outline.

Pick a Topic According to your Interest

Of course, the topic you intend to write about should be something that interests you. Writing about a topic you do not find interesting to discuss will be difficult. This is because it hinders the information flow in your piece. It doesn’t end there.

Writing about something that does not interest you makes your work vague and uneasy to understand by your readers. The main essence of an article is to impact your readers or audience. If your readers don’t find your paper informative, educational or helpful, it means the piece is useless. This is why it is of great essence to write what you understand well.

Do as Much research as possible on the topic

Picking a topic of interest is not enough to get you a nice outline. Of course, writing about what interests you is important, but putting down valid points about your topic is essential. For this to be possible, you must do as much research on the topic or idea you are about to discuss.

Research provides you with the knowledge that can drive your flow of information. It provides you with points that your audience would appreciate when they read your piece. Browse and read about the topic of interest properly before you start writing.

Know Your Audience

You may write a good piece, but it may not be valid if it doesn’t interest your audience. This brings us to this point on how to create an effective outline. As mentioned above, the main reason for writing an essay is to impact your audience or readers. This is why it is core to consider them before gathering your points or ideas. This way, your audience finds your piece helpful and will always want to read anything from you.

Look at Each Piece of Information Gathered

This is an important step to consider in how to compose an effective essay. Information is essential, and readers implement them after reading. This is why you should always check for the validity of every piece of information you will be making use of in your essay. Ensure that the information will be of help to your target audience.

Group your Ideas in Several Paragraphs

Grouping your ideas into paragraphs makes your work presentable and easy to understand. Gather your information, thoughts, and ideas and put them in paragraphs to highlight your points. This makes your work clean and further enhances your information flow to the target audience when they read your piece.

Getting the information alone is not enough to make your piece comprehensible. Your piece looks hazy when it is not analyzed into as many paragraphs as possible.


A writing outline is a guide that helps you to create an effective paper. It helps make your piece clearer and easily comprehended by your readers. Some people find it uneasy to organize an outline, so they opt for other options. They appreciate sites where they can pay for custom essays. You can write an effective article outline by following simple steps. When followed properly, these steps help make your composition a presentable one!


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