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All Types of Research Papers in English

How many types of research papers do you know about and what do you know about writing a research paper? Have you ever written a research paper? If you are a student, you might be familiar with writing a research paper. But how many types of research papers do you know about? Indeed, we have different research papers for different purposes in different formats.

In fact, there are several types of research papers. It is very necessary to know that which type of research paper is appropriate for your assignments. All the different research papers have different formats and usages. So before going through the different types of research papers in detail, if you don’t know about a research paper, initially, you need to know what a research paper really is.

What is a research paper?

A research paper is our own concept and idea about something which includes our research in it. Whether you are a student or a business owner you have to know how to write a research paper because of your successful career and future goals.
One thing that most of the students skip is that they write research papers but with different formats and that’s what doesn’t work well for them. We all know that different research papers present different information but in different formats. What you write should correspond with the selected type of research paper, otherwise, the information will be inaccurate.

Before going to talk about the types of a research paper, read the steps on how to write a research paper.

All types of Research Papers

1. Analytical research paper
2. Argumentive( Persuasive) research paper
3. Definition research paper
4. Compare and contrast research paper
5. Experimental research paper
6. Survey research paper
7. Interpretative research paper
8. Cause and effect research paper

1. Analytical Research Paper

In this type of research paper, we gather some professionals’ data or concepts about the topic and then analyze their points of view. You don’t copy the exact words of the researchers, in fact, you have to concentrate on the findings, then make a personal conclusion out of their ideas, and at last, you can present it as your research paper. But remember one thing that you have to stay neutral while writing this type of research paper because you don’t have the right to prove a researcher’s ideas false or true.

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2. Argumentative (Persuasive) Research Paper

This type of research paper is totally opposite of analytical one because, in this type of paper, you can add your personal points of view too along with analysis of the researchers’ data. The argumentive paper represents two sides of a concept in one paper. You have to find out arguments for both sides, but then you have to favor one side over the other and try to convince your reader with the point that you support. Remember that your arguments should not be based on emotions, in fact, they should be supported by logical facts, data, and information.

3. Definition Paper

The definition research paper is known as self – explanatory also because in this type of research paper, you don’t need to support one side and neither to stay neutral. Its only aim is to provide information about any topic. You can include data from different sources without analyzing the facts and data.

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4. Compare and Contrast Paper

Compare and contrast research papers are written to analyze two different points of view about one specific topic or object. Most importantly, you have to describe both side’s arguments in your research paper, but don’t forget to compare both side’s similarities and contrast both side’s differences but at the end support one side or one specific concept out of the two writers.

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5. Experimental Research paper

Basically, this type of research paper is written for the purpose of describing an experiment in detail. Often it is done in the fields of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. The experiment is aimed to describe a certain outcome of a specific field and explain how it is done. All you have to do is to describe your experiment with supporting data and information.

6. Survey Research Paper

In this type of research paper, people are asked questions regarding the topic and what they think is included in the research paper. This type of research paper is mostly done for advertising, public health, business, and marketing. It is the information, opinion, knowledge, and thoughts of respondents or the public which are asked to represent it as a research paper.

7. Interpretative Paper

Interpretative research papers are aimed to provide information about a particular case or field that you have gained knowledge from that. For instance, a student of literature is asked to write his/her review of the poem he/she has read. So for that, they have to explain and represent that poem or specific field in the form of a research paper. And that is written in the form of an interpretative research paper. All the data and facts that you include in the research paper must be accurate and useful.

8. Cause and Effect Paper

Cause and effect papers are mostly done by the high school students because writing this type of research paper is very easy that’s why students start their writing with this type of research paper. They have to answer questions like “why” and “what” in their research papers. It is somehow similar to essay writing because in essay writing also we answer questions like why and what. Mostly in the business and education field, this sort of research paper is used the most because it is the easiest type of research paper to write.

Writing a research paper has become so common as we can see that every individual knows how to write. And even it has become a necessary part of our daily writing and assignment. A research paper has conquered different fields like business, marketing, social media, and even educational institutions.

Hope this article answered your queries. What do you know about the importance of writing a research paper? Was this article helpful? Please let us know in the comments section. Comment down what you all want to read next. And stay tuned for more articles and updates.

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