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Top 5 Paraphrasing Tools to Improve Content Writing

Paraphrasing Tools
Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrasing tools has become a need of the hour because it is common to face duplications while writing on any topic. The main reason is the excessive use of the internet and hundreds of blogs available on almost every topic.

A writer needs to make his content unique at any cost if he is looking to get a better rank. In this case, rewriting is the only way to eliminate plagiarism and make the lines unique by replacing the words.

If you are also feeling it hard to rewrite your content again to make it plagiarism-free, you must need to learn this blog till the end. In this guide, we are going to show you how a paraphrasing tool will improve your writings.

Also, we will give you access to the best 5 tools that you can use in this regard. Let’s get started to learn about this topic from the basics.

Why it is helpful to use a paraphrasing tool over manual rewriting?

First of all, you should know why it will be helpful to use a tool for rewriting content instead of manual conversion. There are multiple reasons that will support this usage to fulfill the requirements of the task.

Being a writer, you might have to write multiple blogs daily. In such conditions, you might not be able to invest a lot of time in rewriting the content.

When you are looking to rewrite your content to make it unique, you need to do a lot of hard work. You must need to search for synonyms for the words that you want to replace.

Also, you should keep an eye on the meanings of the context before and after the conversion. Otherwise, you will not be able to preserve the core concept and make your writings useless.

Additionally, a human brain can’t keep multiple words for the same task. It is almost impossible to remember a bundle of words for the same action to replace them over the original terminologies.

Due to all these reasons, it will be helpful for you to use a rewriting tool instead of manual paraphrasing. Last but not least, a paraphraser will help you to improve your writing skills by making it optimized and readable.

In short, it will be perfect for you to use a paraphrasing tool while looking to get superior quality outcomes. Now, you have got enough information about why you need to use a tool for paraphrasing the content.

Here is the list of those tools that will help you a lot while doing this task. You should read the following description of every tool to get an idea of which one will be the best.

5 best paraphrasing tools to improve writing

While searching for the best tools, we have done a lot of hard work. It took several hours to test multiple tools and enlist the following by comparing their functionalities.


On the top of our list, we have that has an extensive list of functions. It is a free tool by using which you can rewrite the content within a fraction of a second.

This paraphraser has the simplest interface that can be understood by any writer. It means that you won’t have to understand the complex options or steps while dealing with this tool. works in multiple modes that are termed Fluency, Standard, and Creative. You can switch to any of these working modes by just checking into the given circle.

When you have selected the mode, you only need to type the content, paste it, or upload it from your device. The amazing feature of this tool is that it can work with multiple languages.

So, you can rewrite the content even if it is written in other languages than English. After pasting your content, you only need to tap on the Paraphrase Now button.

It will not take more than a few minutes to provide you with the rewritten content. Due to an AI-based algorithm, this tool will not change the meanings of the content.

Also, you can compare the final and original content because of a side-by-side preview. In short, this tool will provide you with guaranteed outcomes with the manual analysis display.

The only issue with this tool is that it will keep showing banners on your screen. So, it might be irritating for you to some extent. Overall, you will find this tool the best because of its superior quality results and free working mode.


When we are talking about paraphrasing tools, we can’t forget the tool offered by It is one of the best platforms from which you can get multiple tools for dealing with different writing tasks.

By using this paraphraser, you will get superior-quality outcomes. This tool has a simple interface with multiple input options.

You can either paste the content or upload a document file directly from your device or drive. Then, you have to click on the Paraphrase button.

The tool will first understand the meaning of your text before rewriting it. With this feature, it will not impact the meanings of the content but preserve it in the final copy too.

So, you can use it fearlessly on any platform or in any assignment. You will not find any advertisement restrictions in this tool that is considered the best by many writers.

By using this free tool, you can rewrite as many words as you want without facing any problems. No doubt, the tool will take a few minutes to show the outcomes.

But you will get fruitful outcomes at the end of this task. The only problem with this tool is that you won’t be able to compare the original and paraphrased content.

It is because you will be given the new content in a new box instead of the side-by-side preview. Therefore, it might be hard for you to keep the original copy and the paraphrased one to compare them.


Another paraphrasing tool is offered by with dual working mode. Being a writer, you can choose between its simple and advanced mode just by tapping on the circle available in the top position.

Abide by this, you won’t need to do anything but follow the simple method to rewrite the content. Like all other tools, you will get a text insertion box where you have to paste the text or upload the file.

The amazing function available in this tool is to protect the subject specific words or keywords. For this, you only have to type all those words in the small box given under the text box.

In case you have multiple words, you only need to put a comma between words to separate them. When you have set your content, you can click on the Paraphrase button to start the rewriting process.

It will first analyze your content and replace all the words that can be replaced to make the content unique. This paraphraser by has more than 500000 words available in its database that it can use as the replacement of the original words.

In the end, you will be shown the final copy with the words in different colors. By clicking on every word, you will be able to get more information about that word.

So, you can check either the tool has done paraphrasing properly or not. In some cases, you might feel the words inappropriate as per the nature of the context. So, you can easily replace the word with the original one or any of the synonyms available there as suggestions.


On the fourth position of our list, we have ranked the rephrase tool. It is an amazing paraphrasing tool that will help you to do this task within a few minutes.

Many writers think that they can only generate new articles with this tool. But you can also rewrite the original content with this tool.

It is a good rewriting tool that is based on NLP to make the paraphrased content human-friendly. In simple words, the tool will not add any machine language or complex words to make it inappropriate.

The designers have launched this with a set of multiple tools that will help you while rewriting. is a free paraphrasing tool that you need to purchase for even a single conversion.

This is the only problem why people are not using this tool and underrate it. Overall, you will find this tool comprehensive while comparing functions with hundreds of other tools available on the internet.


When you are looking to rewrite the limited words to make them unique, you can also give a try to the tool offered by Softo. It is a comprehensive tools platform from where you can access several tools that will help you to deal with online marketing.

By using its article rewriter, you can also make your content unique. This tool will paraphrase your text in four different steps in which you will be engaged.

First of all, you will be asked to insert the text and click on the give button. After this, the tool will process the text to replace the words with synonyms by fetching data from its database.

After this, you will be shown the content in the third step that is Rewrite suggestions. In this section, you can either click for the next step or rewrite some of the content manually by proofreading it.

In the end, you will be shown the final copy of your content that can be used anywhere without having fear of copyright claims. You can either copy that content or download the text file for later use.

Overall, it is a good tool but you will find a word limit implemented on it. Therefore, you need to use it multiple times if you have a huge word count to rewrite.

Final Words

If you want to get rid of manual rewriting, you should read the above blog and pick your desired tool. It will not take a lot of time to let you finish this task and move towards the next task.

Also, these tools will help you to improve your writings by breaking the long sentences, using easy words, and optimizing your content. In short, you will find it best to use any of these tools to get your task done with perfection.

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