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Abida Munir

About us

ProstudyGuides (Gateway to study) is a website for students of all ages. Our aim here is not to target specific students, but rather it is to promote rooted learning to all the seekers out there. Learning is an ongoing process that could never stop with a graduation of a degree; we are all students of life and there is always much more to learn. It is through learning that we can go beyond ourselves to see not only our importance and duties but to appreciate others on a much higher level. Thus, our aim is to make the quality of lives significantly better by sharing both theoretical and practical contents, as well as an encouragement to learn and study honestly. you can read more about us following.

A little Background:

There are only two of running this website, but we are two very passionate people who love what they do. Both of us want to be writers one day and be able to share our stories and experiences with the world, hoping to make the world a better place to live. We both have suffered and have seen first hand how students suffer as well during their educational careers; they miss out on many things and learn so little. So when they are out in the practical side of life, in later years, they might struggle severely and deal with regret – we don’t want them, or us, to suffer from that regret. Our vision is to share all the things we know that we believe can make the quality of our lives better, and the mission, to keep going and never quit. We would dearly appreciate your support and love.

Why Prostudyguides?

We are both students ourselves, which to say, that we are constantly in the learning process. This helps us in two ways: one, to better understand the struggles of students living in the 21st century; and two, to share the most relevant and important contents that have helped us and has the potential to help you guys as well. (i.e. our top applications section is aimed to help students use their phones to the fullest potential and get useful things done out of it because we all know how regularly we use our phones in today’s world). And our contents are never limited. It is, as we said, an ongoing process of learning. So always expect new things from us, and most importantly, things that would be appealing to most, if not, all of you guys.

The only thing we ask from you guys is the feedback and the support. The feedback would help us bring you contents that you love and find useful, while your support and love, would help us be determined and move on.
Learn and keep sharing; together we can make our world a better place.