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Essay Planning And Structure – A Short Guide To It

The world of writing has become richer for one type of written text in the 16th century when the first essays appeared. Since Michael de Montaignes’ works have been considered as essays, humankind has gained a new dimension and perspective of writing. Nowadays, when the use of the Internet is omnipresent, these texts have gotten to a much higher level. Not only do people write them regularly, but they also have reviews about them online at their disposal. One website that can provide you with quality reviews related to essays is reviews. Today, people can simply google it and find out what other opinions on essays are. In the past, writers had no such luxury. Anyways, essay writing implies planning and certain structure so it can be represented in the best possible way. We will provide you with a short guide to it so if you ever get a desire to try essay writing, you will know the basics of it which will ease your start.

Make Your Plan Cautiously Without A Hurry

Before you decide to start writing an essay, you must plan everything perfectly. Having clear thoughts and ideas about the topics you are about to write is essential at the beginning. Planning of essay, his look, purpose, and goals are determined through the level of its organization. So, you must stay assured to clarify all those things and don’t have a single doubt about what you are going to typify to the audience. Of course, in writing everything comes naturally and as a consequence of inspiration. All writers do their job the way they feel the most appropriate and suitable to their ideas. Each of them has his own writing style that defines their texts. But inspiration isn’t the only thing that matters while you are planning the content of the essay. Something that you must possess is a wide spectrum of knowledge about dozens of topics. As an essay writer, you don’t want to get stuck with one particular theme. Versatility and being able to provide readers with different content is highly noticeable. So, don’t hurry when you plan your ideas because you can only confuse yourself with unnecessary concerns.

Declare Your Preferences

Sometimes essays can be written in a form of long text. It is not often the case but if you plan to do it continuously, you must declare what aspects and key points to look after. As the purpose of writing an essay is to provide people with logical pieces of text, you must narrow down your ideas and stick with seemingly the best ones. Brainstorming is frequently present in essay writing, especially if you are a student. It represents a massive arrival of thoughts and ideas that wanders through your head like a whirlwind across the desert. The result of it can be visible in putting all the possible ideas onto the paper. From time to time, it can help you to choose some ideas that, in your opinion, will be the most interesting to readers. This method can also allow you to detect your preferences and see what to emphasize in the text.

Do The Research And Emphasize Key Points

Quality research is always a useful part of planning your essay. Without it, you will probably struggle with finding the most suitable data that you need to state in the text. Depending on the type of essay that you will be focused on, you must turn to appropriate sources of information that will be part of your text. That’s where good research comes to the scene. It doesn’t mean that you have to discover absolutely all the details about the topic. But the point is that you represent all necessary ones that will have a positive impact on readers. Key points often get revealed by themselves through proper research. Those are the most important details in every essay. They determine the value of a whole text and also give the audience a full perspective of your exploration. Key points must be emphasized and naturally placed. Don’t write them just to say that you have written them.

Get Familiar With Basic Structures

Having the right structure is certainly one of the most important things that authors must pay attention to. Essays can be written in several ways but the most represented structure follows the introductory, body part, and conclusion. The first part of your structure, as its name suggests, should refer to the introduction of the topic and what readers should expect to find out by reading your essay. Experienced writers often like to state some arguments and a goal of the essay they are about to present. So, if they are doing it, you should do the same. The body is a vital part of an essay that should contain several paragraphs and subheadings. Here, you as an author must refer to providing answers and evidence to stated arguments step by step. Little by little, you must uncover all the answers to prevent confusion or misunderstanding of the audience. The last part of the structure is always a conclusion. You must conclude the arguments mentioned in the essay and clarify the reasons why you wrote them. It is often seen as a summary of the writers’ ideas and providing sufficient support to his statements. The most important thing that you must remember is not to mention any new data in this part of the structure. It only has to show the point and purpose of your essay so the readers can be aware of what your intention was.


Essays are texts of great value to each individual that writes and reads them. Students are frequently connected with their use as many educational institutions require their utilization. Through them, they are showing their skills just as an author displays his writing skills. By following our short guide, your planning and structure of the essay will not be a problem anymore. It is more than a good start for a novice.

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Laura C. Fields fell in love with writing during her college time. By that time, she developed her writing skills and learned everything about it. Now, she is someone whose advice can be of big help to anyone who has sympathy for writing.

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