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How to Host a School Assembly – Assembly Conduction Script and Activities

A school assembly is an important gathering of all members of a school including, students, teachers, principals, and other school communities. Indeed, the school assembly is conducted for different purposes, such as communicating information on a routine or weekly basis, attendance check, students’ performance in different activities like debate, song performance, a talent show, and many more. School assembly is a legal requirement in most schools and most of the time this opportunity is given to students to conduct and organize the morning school assembly. If you are given this opportunity to conduct an assembly at your school and you don’t know how to host a school assembly, don’t worry, because this article will help you step by step to organize and plan the assembly program and make a good and positive experience.

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How to Host a School Assembly

Gather the Content and Determine the Assembly Theme

The first and most important aspect is to determine the theme and content you are going to cover in the assembly because you are planning in advance what you are going to do in the whole program. The school assembly theme can be different and depending on the time and occasion. for instance, the day you are going to host your school assembly, that day is the technology day, so your content of the assembly can be relevant to that day. You can make a checklist of the things and activities you are going to do during the assembly. You can add the following activities and contents to your checklist:

Morning Assembly Speech For Students by a Teacher

Contents You Can Add in a School Assembly Checklist

  • List of people who are giving a speech about the topic of the theme
  • Activities such as games, debate, question and answer session, IQ (intelligence quotient), a trivia challenge, and talent show
  • Principal’s Message
  • Students Message
  • Animal Awareness
  • Distributing gifts/prizes

You can give the students the information in advance and tell them about the theme, topic, and activities they are going to perform on that day.

When your theme is determined, then you can add the above-mentioned activities and contents to your school assembly function.

Note: The pre-mentioned contents are a general workflow for a school assembly. When the theme and contents of an assembly are determined, then you can follow the following workflow to start and end the school assembly brilliantly.

Moreover, you can host the function alone or enlist 1 more speaker or anchor to host the program with you. If you choose 1 more person to be a presenter at the assembly, start working and preparing as early as possible and give plenty of time for him/her to practice and get ready.

Script to Host a School Assembly

Start With Praising God

Try to make the first good impression at the beginning of the function and the first lines to make a good impression are starting by praising God. You can say the following lines as an illustration.

“To start by the name of God who is merciful and benevolence, ever has existed and ever will for us to glory in anything else, would be in, as there is nothing greater than God, there is no calling greater than God.”

“O merciful God, when nobody could be for me, you were there. When my life was destroyed, you lifted me up. When I was tormented and hurt, you set me free.

No worship and love are greater than the worship of my Lord. His wisdom sings independence to my heart and complete body. So I will praise his holy name. My praise is heartfelt and strong.

I lift up my arms and voice to say: you are love and life. You are truth and justice. You are mercy and grace. And nothing can separate me from your worship and love.

You are my savior, my lord. so I cry out: Praise the Lord! Praise his great and holy name. Allah Almighty! Glory Hallelujah! in Christ, my soul flies free! In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

“O Lord, Let me hear you. My soul is weary. nervousness, scared, and doubt Surround me, On each side.

Yet your feet mercy cannot be held back from those that cry out to you, hear my cry.

Let me trust in your mercy. Show me how. Free me. Free me from anxiety and stress. That I may find relaxation and rest in your loving arms. Amen.”

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Introduce Yourself and Welcome Everyone

I…………….and my colleague…………….. on behalf of………………warmly welcome the teachers, students, and school workers to this special morning. You will expect an awesome and entertaining assembly ahead. The students’ debate, different performances, games, and messages shall surely leave you fascinated.

We have worked so hard to plan and organize this morning’s assembly theme, I must hear loud claps for the performance of every student and participant.

Calling Tableau/ Dance Performers

The students from class……… are going to rock the stage, they have done very hard work. They have put in their hearts and soul to make this really happen. I am sure you are going to praise and appreciate it as well right from your heart. So, please a big round of applause for those little ferries to come on the stage.

This was indeed a great performance ever I have seen by children of this age and I am sure you also enjoyed and were amazed by their performance.

Calling the Students for Speech

Life will sometimes feel like a fight. The punches, jabs, and hooks will come in the form of challenges, obstacles, and failures. Yet if you stay in the ring and learn from those past fights, at the end of each round, you will be still standing.

Now a student from class………………. is ready to have more discourse on the given topic of the day. Please appreciate him/her with a thunder of claps to come on the stage and share his/her views.

The principal of the school, teachers, fellows, can you think of a time when life tried to knock you down? Who was your toughest opponent?

Most often, our most challenging opponent is ourselves. A brilliant speech by Mr./Ms…………… I hope all the students have comprehended the shared points. This time now to call another speaker from class…………… come on the stage and share his/her precious opinion about the given topic of the day………………….

We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you not your struggles, and you are here now with the power to shape your day and your future. “Steve Maraboli”

We have to have more speakers waiting to have more lines about the topic. I request Mr./Ms……………. to come on the stage and share his/her inspirational written lines.

Principal’s Message / Speech

At this stage, I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the principal of our school. Thank you, Sir! for all, you do to improve our institution. Without your hard work and incredible passion for the students, our school would not be what it is today. You have made a great difference in the lives of our students, teachers, and community and for that, we are grateful forever.

You have shaped the conditions and for all instructors and students to learn and succeed, to motivate and begin another good day at our school, I request you please to come on the stage and share your precious thoughts.

Sample Principal Speech:

In the name of God. The compassionate, the merciful, all praise be to Allah. The lord of the universe and peace. Dear colleagues, ladies, and gentlemen, I am grateful to the Almighty God who has granted me the opportunity to appear in this assembly.

This is a most exciting time for me personally, having recently been appointed as principal of (insert name the academy). We look forward to working closely with the staff, the students, and the parents in the best interest of the school.

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Students Message to the Principal/ Teacher

We as the students of this school writing to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to all the teachers and principal of the school for what they do to improve our knowledge. All the students can’t thank you enough for all that you do as our school teachers.

We believe your hard work is the foundation of our school headway and success and without your struggle, this would not be possible. Because of you, our results are always excellent. Thank you for inspiring us to achieve our dreams every day.

Award Distribution to The Students

This is the time we acknowledge the talents and hard works of today’s participants. The students and host made this day a special day and a shining beginning for all students of the school.

Thank you for creating such a brilliant and wonderful assembly for students. Your communication, compassion, and commitment in the whole function have been outstanding. You all did amazing work.

To appreciate and acknowledge the result of the hard works you all have done, the school staff members have prepared some wards for the participants. I request the director and principal of the school to come on the stage and give away the awards to the students. Please a big round of applause and thunder of claps for Sir. to come on the stage.

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Final Thank You Message

I want to thank all the participants of today’s assembly. You all performed your tasks with grace and enthusiasm. We can’t wait to see more brilliant activities in the coming school assembly days.

Moreover, we are grateful as students of this school to have all our teachers and principal. The empowerment of school management has done wonders for the safety of us and we really appreciate the sacrifices you do for our betterment.

Note: The written script is just to give you a clue to host any school function like the school morning assembly. You can edit the script and make it based and related to your own theme and contents.

Please do let us know what do you want to read more, using the comment section below.

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