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10 Best Websites to Learn How to Code For Free

Best websites to learn how to code queries are now very popular on the internet due to their demand these days. Because the ability to code isn’t only for IT professionals and software engineers but everyone.

As the face of every big and small business has moved towards online, being able to manipulate those weird arrangements of letters is now very prominent to land to your favorite job.

And not even Professionals but students too need to know at least the basics of programming. We no longer have the 90’s classrooms or assignments. Over the past decade, our lives have been digitalized to a very huge extent.

Whether you are a medical, an engineering or a finance student, programming is eventually going to be very helpful to you at some point in your career. Thus, no matter what you are doing, you must know how to code, Since programming seems to become the very must-have skill.

Therefore, below the 10 Best Websites to Learn How to Code are going to be very helpful for you to start the learning process and even become a professional. In fact, these websites have helped thousands of students worldwide to learn their favorite programming languages or even learn how to develop a running website, game or software.

1. Codecademy

It is a wonderful online interactive platform for those who want to start learning how to code on their own. With their courses on Python, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, jQuery, and Ruby, Codecademy is committed to giving the best learning experience to their users.

In CodeCadey, each lesson is followed up by different kinds of exercises including building real websites. Moreover, they provide their learners with active and dedicated discussion forums. There they can discuss anything, ask for help or even help someone in their lessons.

Besides free lessons, with their pro membership, you can get access to exclusive projects, quizzes, and customized learning paths.

But the only down point to Codecademy is their lessons only provide a very dull sort of way of learning. They don’t have any video lessons or stuff so. However, even there is no fun while learning. they have found the best way to manipulate how the learning process works.

Visit Codecademy


2. FreeCodeCamp

With approximately $1.4 million donations in development work, FreeCodeCamp aims to teach how to code to those who are willing to help the nonprofits. Learners at FreeCodeCamp have completed approximately 30 million coding challenges.

Additionally, 4,000 individuals have landed their dream jobs after attending different courses at Free Code Camp. The courses include HTML, CSS3, and Javascript.

Moreover, students at Free Code Camp are able to get real-time help from community chat rooms.

Visit FreeCodeCamp


3. EDX

The non-profit platform “EDX” was found by Harvard and MIT in 2012. Thus, you know you will be getting the cutting-edge, newest and demanded courses. EDX has over a hundred partners. Edx owns:

  1. 1,900 + courses in subjects such as humanities, computer science, history, finance, and biology and life sciences
  2. 14 Million + learners worldwide
  3. and 52 Million + enrollments across edX courses.

Personally, EDX is one of my goto website for learning anything due to their fine courses and ways of teaching. As far as learning how to code goes, EDX offers courses such as one of the most popular one ‘CS50″ and the list goes on and on.


CS50 taught by one of the better known CS educator Professor David J. Malan is both an online and on-campus course. It is an introductory course on Computer Science by Harvard and Yale University. Moreover, CS50 is now available at high schools as an AP course.

The course materials are available online for free. The on-campus Programming course is Harvard’s largest class with over 800 students and 102 staff. There are 11 weeks for you to learn C, HTTP, Python, SQL, JavaScript and a lot more.

Check CS50 Syllabus.

Visit EDX


4. The Odin Project

Founded by Erik Trautman in 2013, The Odin Project focuses primarily on web development. The Odin Project is now sponsored by Thinkful

The best thing about it is their way of teaching in a logical order. Because so often you come across a wonderful online course but with no actual order. They randomly teach you, as a result, you end up having more confusion than knowledge.

After taking their courses, you will be able to create wonderful things from simple scripts to a functional website. The courses consist of Ruby, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, and more. However, the point to take away from here is you should follow the order of any course you enroll in.

Visit The Odin Project

The Odin Project
The Odin Project

5. CodinGame

If you are bored of the traditional way to learning and teaching how to code, CodinGame is for you. With CodinGame, you can learn how to code in the most entertaining way. They offer more than 25 languages.

All you need to do is select your project or game, select your language and start learning. When you start, you will get a tutorial which will give you all the information with the coding environment.

Besides learning, you can participate in international online programming contests. Thus, with CodinGame you will eventually not only learn how to code but also get noticed globally.

Visit CodinGame


6. UpSkill

Honestly, I wonder why UpSkill is still free because the content is quite similar to the ones on Udemy. Udemy being one of the very popular sites on the internet is a paid option for people to learn anything related to business, health and fitness, technology, personal development and a lot more.

UpSkill offers as good content as Udemy almost for free. They offer over 145 lessons on HTML, CSS, Javascript etc through videos and instructions to facilitate their learners to learn as much as they could. Each lesson is followed by some kind of assignments which you have to submit before the deadline for sure.

UpSkill’s well known “Essential Web Development” which they also called the boot camp covers full stack web development. This is to teach you everything from a beginner level to an advanced web developer.

Visit UpSkill

Visit Udemy


7. Khan Academy

In this list of 10 Best Websites to Learn How to Code, UpSkill is followed by Khan Academy. Khan Academy has been around for a very long time serving people in different domains such as maths, humanities, science, and engineering.

As of February 2004, Khan Academy had over 10 million visitors per month and the growth is still in progress.

The site is mainly supported by big names such as Google and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations. However, before Salman Khan (not the Bollywood superstar, though) established the site, it was just a series of YouTube videos.

They offer beginner courses in computer programming for JavaScript, HTML, SQL, and CSS. Their way of teaching is very simple. Each course is structured around a series of videos. Then, the student faces challenges and projects to try out each skill they learn.

Visit Khan Academy

Khan Academy
Khan Academy

8. W3Schools

Created in 1998, W3Shools is the oldest and one of the very popular websites in this list of Best Websites to Learn How to Code. It has over 10 million visitors per month to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Graphics, PHP and much more.

Moreover, they offer a wide selection of responsive HTML templates for free. To begin with, select a tutorial from the left hand. Then, read and follow the instructions. Ever since they have been trying to provide the easiest and most comfortable learning environment.

Additionally, they claim to simplify and review the examples to improve reading and understanding besides avoiding errors.

Visit W3Shools


9. Dash by General Assembly

Next in Best Websites to Learn How to Code is Dash by General Assembly. Dash is a very cool place to learn how to code and mainly focuses on teaching you web development in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through a series of projects.

The projects include building a personal website, blog theme, CSS robots, small business website and games. To start learning, sign in and choose a project. Then, follow the instructions. The interface is very simple and easy to use. On the upper left, you have slides and down below the editor. While the output is at the right.

Visit Dash

Dash by General Assembly


Wrapping Up

So that is for the Best Websites to Learn How to Code. And I hope you have at least gotten an idea how and where to start from. Because learning how to code is fun only if you have an idea of where to start from.

Additionally, there are tons of more amazing websites to learn how to code such as Lynda, Udemy, MIT OpenCourseWare, Coursera, and Udacity. Hence, let us know what other websites you use to learn programming or any other skill.

Besides Best Websites to Learn How to Code, you can check Top 14 Useful Websites Every Student Should Know About. Or if you need to work on taking amazing notes, you can check How to Take Notes in Class: 5 Best Note-taking Methods.

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