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Annual Function Speech for School Teachers

What is the annual day function?
The annual function is of the most important functions or occasions in school.  On this day, everyone including chief guests, teachers, principal, founder of the academy, and students prepare a speech for ending and wrapping up one more academic year altogether, this is called annual function day. This program is held to wrap up all that has been done or has happened during that academic year. The day marks a really exciting time of the academic year. The annual day is the day on which an academic year is about to end while a new one is all set to start.

This is a special day for students because, on this day, students receive awards and get to know about their results. Students performing and representing speeches in the annual program. In addition, teachers represent their views and give a speech. I have brought a very short and easy annual function day speech for teachers. So let’s have a quick look at it as follow.

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Annual Function Speech for School Teachers

Good morning everyone!
Today is a great occasion and we are very honored to have Mr……. our distinguished chief guest, co-founder of the school Mr……, and for this great and beautiful day, we have our honorable guests, respected chairman Mr…… respected vice-chairman Mr…… honorable Man and the talented students of our academy. Today before we begin our program, we must seek the blessings of God and the founder of this academy Mr………may his soul rest in peace, a very hard working and supportive person. I warmly welcome all of the guests, principal of this academy, respected parents, Mam my staff members, and our talented and lovely students to today’s function.

I would like to share a few words. First of all, I am really glad and want to thank our distinguished guests Mr……..and Ms……… that participated in our program and I am sure that they will enjoy this day with us. Besides, I would like to thank the respected parents of our talented students for their participation. I would like to thank all the teachers, hosts, and students because of whom these beautiful and memorable performances have become possible.

This day has become so entertaining because of their hard work and efforts. Not making the speech too long, in the short term I would like to say that today is the result distribution of the students. For the past 9 months students have been working hard for this day and today they will receive their results. In advance, I want to congratulate the parents of those students who have gotten positions. But the students who have failed this year, I must say that they should not lose their hope, in fact, they should work harder the next time and put their all efforts into their studies. Today is the day where one year ends and the new one starts.

Overall it has been a very great journey and on the other hand, the year 2019 has been a very great and successful journey for us. After a lot of hard work, one of our students from the 9th class(insert his name) has been successfully selected for the international math competition in England. I know that our students are very talented and all of them can make our academy proud so keep shinning. And for the last time, I would like to thank every one of you for your continuous cooperation and appreciation. And now I would like to hand over the stage to our talented host Ms……… to continue the program and keep entertaining us.

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