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Resume Mistakes to Avoid to Land Your Dream Job in 2020

By now you might have submitted a number of resumes and still no job interview. It seems as if all the resumes you spent years in the making have vanished deep in the black hole of job interview hopes. I bet it has nothing to do with whether you are capable enough or not for the job you have applied. But there must be one or more resume mistakes reasonably which are causing headaches.

So, all the job seekers out there, beware! Whether you want a job at Google, Tesla, Apple, SpaceX, or any other billion dollar company you always dreamed of, read the article below to discover some common resume mistakes you had been repeating.

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Avoid Resume Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Job Search

Alternatively, it is important to remember that you should update your resume after every six months. Other than that may look at the following resume mistakes and make sure your profile doesn’t include any of the following resume mistakes.

1. Grammatical Errors and Typos

Yes, I know grammatical errors is one of the most obvious resume mistakes and/or tips. It still needs more emphasis when we want to make a perfect resume for that perfect job. Because let’s be honest, your resume is the only factor which can help you get your dream job.

Let’s suppose the person reading your resume is so inspired that he wants to give you a call. Then, suddenly he comes across a blunder that ruins everything. As a result, your resume is replaced by another one’s.

Thus, be sure to check your resume multiple times to avoid grammatical, incorrect spelling, misused words, and punctuation errors.

In this case, you can take the help of some grammar checkers such as Grammarly or Prowritingaid.

2. Overused words

Thomas Jefferson said it very well,

”The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”

While writing your resume you should keep in mind that you should avoid using passive voice and wordy sentences. Let’s face it, it’s not how you can land your dream job. Instead, try to be plain and clear to convey your true message.

Thus, be creative and grab your reader’s attention with phrases and words which are straight to the point.

3. Made-up Information

Usually, all of us are afraid of losing a golden opportunity. Therefore, we make up some information to increase the chances of getting the job. Let’s face it, have you really worked at 6 different places before. Do you really have 5 years of experience? Can you really speak 7 different languages without any problem? Or you made-up all of these?

Precisely all the data you provide need to be a 100% true. Because in this modern age of technology, it takes a couple of phone calls and clicks to prove you were untrue.

Despite your fear, the greatest asset you possess is your honesty and confidence. The fact that you were not truthful will snatch your confidence leaving you with guilt and confusion. Thus, embrace the truth and be confident.

4. one–size–fits–all

Yes, I understand that you are very busy and don’t have enough time to write various resumes. This is one of the most problematic resume mistakes every one of us makes.

Simply you shouldn’t just write a resume and send it everywhere. Once you do so, all you end up with is your resume in the bin. I am sure you don’t want your toil of hundreds of hours in the bin.

Hence, be sure to take your time and write a resume for a job ad describing yourself in accordance to their need. All in all, you should make them feel special and heard. They should feel like you are the only fit candidate for their vacancy.

5. Accomplishments VS Responsibilities

Your resume should be a witness to show how well you can perform your duties. Besides, what you have achieved, you need to tell your reader what you can afford to give them and their company. Tell them how responsible you are and why they should opt you instead of anyone else.

On the other hand, this wasn’t very important because before there were not as many applicants as there are now. However, to land your job, listing your responsibilities is just not enough. So, you need to write down your accomplishments, too.

Ultimately, it is your accomplishments that varies between you and your opponent. Thus, make sure you quantify your accomplishments wherever and whenever possible.

6. Neither too Short Nor to Long

Despite you have heard that there is no specified resume length, you shouldn’t send out a resume length of 5 pages or probably a half page only.

Since you have no idea about your reader’s preferences and expectations, we recommend you stick to a 2 pages long resume. However, if it is too much, feel free to optimize as much of length as you require.

7. Irrelevant Experience

Never send out a resume that doesn’t fit the requirement of the company you are applying. Or else it will end up in the bin.

Alternatively, whatever you write in your resume, it should not only be a fact but also relevant to your reader’s and their company’s requirements. But how to find their needs and requirements? Our last and 10th resume tip has the solution for this.

8. Format inconsistency

One of the biggest mistakes we usually tend to ignore is your resume’s format. Certainly, your readers may require you to send your resume out in a specified format in accordance with their company’s Applicant Tracking System or ATS.

However, if there is no specific format, the best and safest format we recommend is PDF. Because PDF does not change in any computer’s operating system. However, if you send a .docx, there are chances your resume format will mess up everything.

9. Lack of action verbs

Instead of saying “responsible for”,  you better use action verbs because we all know actions speak louder than words. So does action verbs. It helps in many ways such as showing off your initiative. For instance,

  • increase organic customers by 40% in a month,
  • resolve problems at the rate of …,
  • develop a friendly environment,

and much much more.

10. Not Tailored for the Job

Besides the above resume mistakes you should avoid, we recommend you some extra homework to help you make a great and appealing resume.

Before you craft your resume, you should read thoroughly through the job requirements, initially. Pay attention to what keywords they use and whom are they seeking.

Next, look for their company website, blog, social media account or probably anywhere you can find them active. Look for the kind of people they are, what is their company culture and finally will fit in there or not. These pieces of data will help you avoid any possible resume mistakes to make a great resume. This how you can find out whether you are fit for the job or not. Or what data you should highlight to increase the chances of your getting the job.

As Amanda Augustine says,

”Identify the common keywords, terminology, and key phrases that routinely pop up in the job descriptions of your target company.”

Wrapping Up to Ensure a Great Resume

So, that is it for the most common and avoidable resume mistakes we usually make. If you need help with anything else, be sure to let us know. Alternatively, if there are any other resume mistakes I forgot to mention, let me know.

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