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Hire a Writer – Top 10 Websites to Hire the Best Writer in 2020

Creating quality content is be a good way to make your website or business stand out. Besides, it helps you strengthen your online presence and engagement. There are tons of reasons why creating more content results in more sells and customer. However, creating content is tough. Therefore, more and more websites and business owners look for websites to hire a writer or more.

Whether you want to write new content or edit the old ones, hiring a professional writer creates all the distinction once it involves quality.

Hire a Writer to Save Your Time and Grow Your Bussiness

Finding an expert author is simpler than ever due to freelance and/or writing services on the internet. These tools help business and/or website owners connect with skilled writers who can produce high-quality content.

After all, quality content helps you to shape the reputation of your business online. Therefore, smart business owners understand that just having the right tools will not help. So, they use a combination of both; the right tools and quality content to grow.

Besides, if you’ve never employed a freelancer, you probably feel reluctant. Because employing someone is hard for a newbie. Don’t worry! Our guide on how to employ a freelance writer can help you hunt the best writer.

1. UpWork

Hire a Writer at UpWork

We’d be utterly neglectful if we did not include Upwork in this list to help you hire a writer. It’s the most reputable and largest freelance platform out there. Anyone who has ever worked as a freelancer or anyone who needed to hire a writer knows UpWork.

Odesk and Elance have incorporated to become the face of Upwork. And, therefore, they are the leaders in hiring remote talents for quality work experience.


Through UpWork, it is very easy to reach a wide range of writers and other talented people if you need any. Moreover, the search filters help you to look for the required talent and the right number of candidates.

For instance, narrow down your search results with job type, experience level, client history, hours per week, project length, and budget. These filters enable you to find native and professional writers from certain parts of the world and to fix your budget and level of urgency.

One of the drawbacks of Upwork is that similar to the different massive platform, it attracts thousands of freelancers with variable levels of talent and knowledge. And sometimes there are candidates with little to no experience.

So, you may find a number of talented and experienced writers. However, you may also come across those who aren’t capable of giving you the standard you need.

Therefore, to seek out the author that’s best for your business, you’ll have to filter through tons of applications to comb out the unqualified writers from those who can offer you the best quality.

UpWork offers from anything to everything from the following fields:

  • Web, Mobile & Software Dev
  • Writing
  • Design & Creative
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Admin Support
  • Customer Service
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Engineering & Architecture

For writing services, UpWork features:

  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Career Coaching
  • Content Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Grant Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Writing Tutoring
  • Business Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Blog/Article Writing
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing

How It Works

UpWork How it Works
UpWork: How it Works

To start hunting for a writer at UpWork, you’ll have to create a profile and publish your free ad. Besides, UpWork deducts 10% of the freelancers’ earnings. Therefore, we recommend you to jog your mind before creating a budget range.

Once you publish your ad, freelancers start to bid. So, you will get the notifications for each bid. Then, you can arrange a digital meeting with your writer. Once they qualify your checklist, you can assign them your work.

Then, you will get the notification once your draft is ready.

Visit UpWork

2. AllIndieWriters

Hire a Writer at AllIndieWriters

This is another job board for those who are either looking to hire a writer to work as a writer.

AllIndieWriters started as a resource for indie authors and publishers. However, the range of opportunities spread rapidly. But still, AllIndieWriters features job opportunities for both creative writers and business writers.


If you want to hire a writer, you, as a business owner have two choices.

The first possibility you get is to posts an employment ad. The best thing about AllIndieWriters is that it is very easy to find a professional and talented writer. Because AllIndieWriters offer tons of professional writers within your budget.

Furthermore, you can pay as low as 10$ for an email or as high as 1,000$ for a well researched one.

Otherwise, you’ll hire a writer directly from the freelance writer directory. There area unit some dozen writers to decide on from World Health Organization concentrate on a large array of topics.

The prices can vary due to the writer’s expertise and also the specific parameters of the duty. Moreover, AllIndieWriters offer the following services and freelancers:

  • Relationship writer
  • lifestyle writer with a passion for fantasy
  • Freelance Content Creator
  • Magazine Writer
  • Feature Writer
  • Journalist
  • Business Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Podcast Producer
  • Columnist

How it Works

To post a job ad on AllIndieWriters, you will need to fill out a basic form. Here you can choose your budget (as low as 10$ and as high as 1,000$) and the payment procedure.

Visit AllIndieWriters

3. Guru

Hire a Writer at Guru

This may be another platform that only offers writing services but also all sorts of freelance jobs. According to official data, Guru has 1.5 million members from different parts of the globe. Thus, in some ways, this is similar to UpWork.


One of the cool advantages that Guru offers is its inbuilt project manager app. Here you can manage your content creation project without exiting its website.

Within its website, you can design agreements, outline tasks, and milestones, share documents and communicate.

Posting employment on Guru is freed from charge. However, it deducts a small amount from the freelancer’s payment. Also, Guru can deduct from 5% to 10% of the total earning which totally depends upon the kind of membership the freelancer has chosen.

Moreover, you have the power to hire a writer based on their experience, price and their work quality aka online reputation.

Furthermore, the cost of hiring a freelancer on this particular website is moderately reasonable to most little business owners.

How it Works
How it Works

To start hiring a writer, you need to create a membership account. You can either create a free employer or freelancer account.

If you need to hire a writer for your bussiness, you can either pay them by milestone, hour, task or using recurring payments. Besides, payment methods are secure, easy to use, transparent, and flexible.

4. Textbroker

hire a writer at Textbroker

This may be the only website designed specifically for those businesses who want content for an online presence.

On the American Continent alone, Textbroker has a database of more than 100,000 writers to hire.


It is extremely easy to hire a writer to create outstanding content for your business. Because you get to be very specific regarding the sort of content you want.

For example, you will be able to hire a writer to create a three-star article that should have words between 300 to 900 ready in 3 three days.

Furthermore, you can purchase any content either by hiring a private author, an entire team of writers or by creating your order to over 100,000 qualified authors.

How it Works

Textbroker How it works
How it works

In order to hire a writer on Textbroker, you just have to make a membership account. According to the quality of work and writer, Textbroker determines the pricing.

Besides, Textbroker provides different choices at multiple prices for little business owners.

Initially, you’ll be able to purchase any content by quality ranked on a scale of 2 stars to 5 stars. Moreover, the more the writer has the experience, the more you will have to pay.

Visit Textbroker

5. Contently

Hire a Writer at Contently

It is an amazing resource that connects businesses with writers. Besides, Contently works with solely the very best quality authors to assist you to discover the right writer, even though your niche is unbelievably little.


Furthermore, it offers an analytics service to assist you to track your content’s performance. For content marketers, a tool like Contently has its price in gold.

The team at Contently helps regulate everything from planning to content creation. So that you and your employee can work out your business’s marketing requirements.

Besides, according to their websites, clients of Contently have given its content and services 4.8/5 ratings. Because Contently promises to offer the most talented writers to their customers.

Writers at Contently
Writers at Contently

However, we recommend this platform to those businesses that do not have any budget limitations. And they can, therefore, focus on target quality content.

Google, Walmart, IBM, Marriott, and JP Morgan Chase are just a few big names that have used Contently before.

Contently customer love
Contently customers’ love

How It Works

To hire a writer through Contently, you’ll have to talk to an agent. Besides, Contently does not publish their pricing on the website. Because each pricing differs.

Though the costs of content creation are high, you get quality content for that price.

Visit Contently

6. WriterAccess


Unlike Textbroker, It has a smaller database of writers. However, WriterAccess still does its best job to help bussiness owners to hire a writer and scale their bussiness purposes.


Currently, it has 16,000  freelance writers in the United States. Moreover, tracking the flow of your work and placing a new order are super easy at its website.

How It Works:

WriterAccess how it works
how it works

To hire a writer with WriterAccess, there are 2 ways. But before start to hire a writer, you need to create an account.

The best thing about WriterAccess is that you can access 16,000 without paying any service or subscription fees. Besides, you can pay the cost of your paper in the first place if you choose to do so.

Otherwise, you can pay a no-risk deposit in advance. Besides, WrierAccess offers two deposit payment options. You can pay either $2,500 or $10,000 up-front.

So, if you are a massive business and you need a lot of content, this is the best option for you.

For a $2,500 deposit, you may an account manager, content strategy review, author recommendations, and live platform coaching.

Else if you choose to pay a 10,000$ deposit, you can enjoy all of the above services and more. Additionally, you get senior account manager, custom enterprise contracts, aid from content strategists, and free managed services, and facilitate.

Therefore, if you know that you need to create a ton of content, then paying a deposit is a great way to save time.

Visit WriterAccess

7. GreatContent


It is an exceptional platform for people who need content in multiple languages. Because it offers 10,000 active freelance translators and copywriters in 33+ languages.


You can hire a writer at GreatContent to produce high-quality SEO content for your blog and eCommerce store. Moreover, they have writers to help you in your specific industry such as fashion, food, design, gambling, electronics and much more.

Additionally, GreatContent also provides services like bilingual editing, copywriting, and proofreading, SEO audit, keyword research, and editorial designing.

Amazon, Ikea, Zalando, Greek deity are just a few large names that have used GreatContent for their digital growth.

How it Works

To hire a writer, you need to create an account on the website and fill a form. Here you have to mention your company’s name, your bussiness email, project requirements and more.

Visit GreatContent

8. The Writer Finder

Hire a writer at The Writer Finder
The Writer FInder

This also an amazing resource for bussiness owners and freelance writers to connect, work and grow together. The team behind it hunts through an in-depth database of professional freelance writers to connect you with one that suits your business and content motives.


Once you assign The Writer Finder a project, they search their database and try to get back to you with the perfect writer for your needs in less than 72 hours. Furthermore, The Writer Finder offers these services with a full money-back guarantee if you are not glad about the final content you receive.

Besides, if you can pay some extra bucks, you can access a content calendar and other writing-related features.

How It Works

The writer finder services
How it Works

The team at Writer Finder can assist you to hunt knowledgeable content writers for $500. Within the 72 hours of your purchase, you will receive 3 writers to choose from.

Moreover, they choose the writers based on their cost and qualification. Besides, you will additionally receive a link to their portfolio and writing samples before you say “YES” to any of them.

Therefore, we recommend you to take your time and decide whether or not the writer can fit all your requirements.

Once you find your writer, you can connect with them directly and start working.

Visit The Writer Finder

9. Freelancer

Hire a writer at Freelancer

Amongst all the websites, Freelancer is a huge freelancing platform. You can find that millions of small and big bussiness use it to grow their bussiness.


Because it offers work in 1350 categories. From web-designing, accounting, content creation, to software development, Freelancer has everything to offer.

What makes Freelancer such a huge platform? This is because you, as a bussiness owner, can easily browse through freelancers and writers portfolio, review their work, and read their reviews.

Secondly, once you post a job ad, you start to receive bids from freelancers in less than a minute. Thus, everything works super fast. Besides, you can also live chat with your writer. And you will only pay if you are 100% happy with the final product.

Furthermore, you can track the progress of your content thorugh their mobile app. And you can enjoy and benefit their 24/7 customer service.

How It Works

To hire a writer through Freelancer is very easy. First, you have to register and make an account. Then, post your job ad and you will start receiving bids from writers in minutes. Next, you can choose the writer who fits all your requirements. Once you receive your final product, you can release the payment.

Visit Freelancer

10. ProBlogger

Hire a writer at ProBlogger

This is one of the most popular and authoritative platforms. Darren Rowse, the daily article’s reader, engineered the ProBlogger from zero to 312,000 subscribers (email subscribers).


ProBlogger features a job board where writers and businesses connect and start working together. Moreover, the job board is where ProBlogger earns money. Therefore, before you go and hire a writer through ProBlogger, you should remember that it is a paid service.

According to their official data, there are more than 1,000 writers actively seeking work.

Besides, ProBlogger also promises to advertise your job ad to their 42,000 Twitter followers and on their web site.

Furthermore, ProBlogger not only offers professional writers, but also professionals in web consulting, design, marketing, and web development.

How it Works

ProBlogger Services
ProBlogger Services

If you want to go and hire a writer at ProBlogger’s job board, all you have to do is register, fill the payment form, and post your job ad.

However, before you post your job ad, you have to pay 50$ for 30 days. Besides, the standard of the writers is high. And the cost of any content, moreover, will depend on the subject and experience of the writer.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have reviewed all the websites where you can hire a writer to grow your bussiness, you might wonder what is the difference between them. Well, the difference pretty much depends on your budget and requirements.

Therefore, we recommend you take your time and analyze each of the above.

Besides, if you do not have experience in hiring a writer you can read our guide on how to employ the best writer for your bussiness above

Good luck!

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