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Anchoring Script For a Talent Show at School – Hosting Talent Hunt Program

An anchor is a person who hosts a show, program, or function on the stage. Indeed, everything is under the control of the anchor or host that is why it is very essential for them to be fully prepared. So if you are the one who is going to host the show or program, then you have to be fully prepared to host the function from the beginning to the end. You will find some best lines, for anchoring script for a talent show at school to help you go with the flow of the function.

How to Start the Program

First of all the anchor must start by the name of God. They can include some lines for that. For instance, you can say the following lines:

To start with the great name of God who is the king of the kings, who is the lords of the lords, who is mine who is yours, and who is everyone’s.

To commend with the greatest name of Almighty Allah, who is omnipotent and merciful. Who only deserves the prayer and love, he is the one.

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How to Welcome the Audience

Good morning everyone! I am……………. and my co-host……………..weare hosts for today’s program. We warmly welcome you all to today’s function with a heart full of love. We are really honored to have our chief guests, respected chairman, and respected parents among us. I and my co-host are very glad to welcome you all to our today’s talent show where students of different classes will perform on the stage and will be rewarded. We are really thankful to our chief guest( Mr…….and Mrs………….)that participated in our function. Today you all will witness great performances from your children. So stay tuned and cooperate with us till the end of the event.

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Undoubtedly we have talented students in every grade of our school. Today in this talent show hunt they are going to show their talents right in front of you. From dancing to drama, song and, speech, to sports activities, and many more. Without taking your precious time let us initially invite the dance or tableau performers on the stage. Obviously, to praise them, we need a thunder of claps in every action, so, please put your hands together for little fairies.

Calling Tableau Performers

And now we are going to welcome the first little and cute fairies of our school on the stage to perform their amazing tableau. They are really talented and have excellent qualities in them. Please give a big round of applause for giving motivation to these little fairies of the class……….

How to Praise the Performers?

This performance was mind-blowing. Even I don’t have a word to express how they performed and It was just amazing. Wasn’t it? Yes, it was an outstanding performance. They made our day.

Sports Skills

Great students are trained by great teachers. Therefore, teachers are the candles who brighten the way for their students and lead them. Similarly, we have such talented and great students who are going to come on the stage and perform in front of you all. We request from the students of class…………. to come on the stage and perform their amazing sports skills. So please give a big round of applause to motivate them.

First anchor: I did not imagine that they could perform this way outstanding and very well.
Second anchor: Yes you are right Mrs. They performed so well and it was unbelievable. So let’s move ahead and see what other performers will do.

Calling the Debate/Speech Competitors

As we said before that we have a lot of talented students who can perform everything from the tableau to presenting a speech. We have such super talented students among all of the students who have participated in this event to show their talents and this program is specially arranged for them. So now we are going to call such a talented student who is going to present his speech on the stage. So please put your hands together for the student of class…………. Mr………….. to come upon the stage and express his opinions on the given topic.

First Anchor: Thank you, Mr………………. Your speech was speechless.
Second Anchor: I do not have a word to express how you performed that was just mind-blowing. Your opinions were based on reality and I know that all of the audience loved your speech.

We will not make you all feel bored so that’s why we will not make this program lengthy and will not make you all wait for the results. So moving ahead, we would like to call upon the stage the most decent and intelligent student of class…….Mrs…………. to come and make our day with her speechless words. So please give a big round of applause for her.

First Anchor: Amazing! Her expressions were just wow. I loved the way she was expressing her words with very different expressions. She must be winning.
Second Anchor: I am proud of her. At such a young age, she has learned a lot. I know that one day she will make all of us and her academy proud. Let’s see what will happen next.

You can add here more performances like singing, drama, poetry, and many more depending on your function theme.

How to Call the Principal Upon the Stage.

And now, we are going to call the one on the stage that doesn’t need any introduction because every individual knows him for the things that he has done for us. He is the one who has always encouraged us and has reached us here. The one who has made the weapon of knowledge for those who didn’t have any. We request from our respected principal to come upon the stage and address the students with his speech. We hope that all of you will cooperate with us and will listen the precious sentences. Please a big round of applause for respected sir to come and say some few words.


How to Thank the Principal?

Thank you so much, sir, for such a great and inspirational speech. It was really beneficial and extremely motivating. We hope that students have learned something out of it and will put these sayings in practice.

Award Distribution Script

Ladies and gentlemen, now this is the time to announce the results of this show and distribute their awards. Now it is the time to motivate our students to move ahead, do their best, and win every day like today they did. We know that right now everyone’s heart beats so fast and all of the performers are nervous and excited about their results.

The wait is over, we would like to call upon the stage the respected chief guest Mr……………to come and give the award to the winner of the tableau/dance performers. So the winner of the dance competition is class………………… we request from them to come on the stage and get their awards.


Thank you sir for distributing the prize. And now we would like to call upon the stage the honorable chief guest Mrs……..on the stage to come and distribute the award to the winner of the speech competition. And the winner of the speech competition is Ms……………… Please put your hands together for her. Congratulations!

Thank you very much miss.

We congratulate the winners and their family members for the achievement. And we want to say some words for those participants who didn’t receive awards.

You all are also winners, never give up because failing doesn’t mean that you are weak, in fact, it means that you have become stronger than before. So doesn’t matter, try harder the next time.

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How to End up the Program?

And it is time to say goodbye to you all. Your presence made this day and program way more amazing and interesting for us. Thank you for all encouragement, for listening to us, bearing us, and most importantly for giving us your precious time. We hope that we have been good and bearable hosts. And lastly, we would like to thanks the honorable chief guests, respected chairman, respected principal, and our staff members who made this all possible. This all happened because of their hard work and effort. Thank you all once again.

Note: The script is just to give you a clue of the function, it all depends on your program theme. You can take this script and edit according to your function theme and contents. Moreover, please comment down below what you all want to read next. For further articles and updates please stay tuned.

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