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Business Proposal Writing Step by Step Guide With Sample

In this article, you will how to write a business proposal. Indeed, a business proposal is sent to the clients by the vendors, they can be requested by the customers or sent unsolicited, however, newly established businesses rely on business proposals when it comes to advertising.

Knowing how to make a business proposal is a crucial part when starting a business. Having a good business proposal, you are more likely to attract clients.

 What is a Business Proposal?

Business proposals are documents that aim to win clients. The obvious reason to write a business proposal is to offer your clients the services they are in search of, it also helps in growing mutual co-operation between the clients and the vendors by briefly letting about:

  • Your company and services
  • The true aim of your product
  • The costs
  • Timeline
  • Terms and conditions

How to Write a Business Proposal

While compiling your business letter the following elements are necessary.

  1. Title
  2. Table of contents
  3. Executive summary
  4. The statement discussing the job or the problem
  5. Timeline
  6. The budget
  7. Terms and conditions

01: Title

The title or the cover page will be the first thing that your clients will see make sure that your title page is always effective enough to leave its mark on your client.

Your cover page must include important information your company name, your logo, company address, and contact number, and it should be appealing to their eyes neat and clean, and easy to read.

Make sure that your title is engaging so that the clients will be willing to give you their time, do not make your cover letter the cliché titles (from company ABC) to (company XYZ)

Cliché: (Digital Marketing Proposal)

Compelling: (Tackling Opportunities: Proposal for Digital Marketing Proposal)

Writing a good title might take some time however always make the choice of strong and effective words.

02: Table of Contents

Once you are done introducing your company and the title of the proposal now, it is time to let the contents shine brightly that will be introduced later on.

It is important that you introduce each of the topics that you will discuss below and if the proposal is electronic, it is great to have the contents clickable, letting the clients jump from section to section.

03: Executive Summary

This part has to be a clear and precise summary containing all the key elements of the proposal, it should include an introduction of your product and the customer needs, and it should also be briefly described why should they work with you or why you think your company stands out.

Furthermore, giving them a financial overview of the company and very importantly it might be valuable detail telling them about your team and the real investor in the company.

04: The Main Strategy

How you approach your clients in the main body decides whether you get the deal or not, this part of the proposal has to be in-depth explaining every aspect of your business and your services concisely and how your service can benefit them and why should they work with you.

  • Here you have to include the financial aspect of the project telling them about the fair price with which you are able to complete the project. You should also include your past projects if you have done any so that the clients are able to review your detailed performance.
  • You have to make sure that your technical team and their work ethics, ensure the performance and the problem-solving skills of your team. Furthermore, tell your clients why you should be chosen for the contract instead of other competitors in the market.
  • One of the very important factors that seal the deal is how you assure the clients that you are aware of their needs and that you will provide the product with the quality that they expect you to.
  • Lastly while writing the whole strategy you have to make the client feel that you understand their needs and that your proposal is there to save their time, solve their problems, and probably why should they choose to work with you.

05: Timeline

Timeline is another section that gives chances to explain your services and the timescales. You should not mind if there is a wide period in your proposal as it can sell the impression of how precise your services are.

Always make sure that you come true to the promises that you have presented on the timeline, as it is acceptable to the clients to have their product or service on an exact date instead of getting new and delivering or completion dates.

Key points to remember while making your timeline scale:

  1. Give your clients the exact date.
  2. A wide period of time is acceptable, that gives a chance to impress your clients by
  3. Providing your service ahead of time.

 06: The Budget and the Pricing

Most feel like it budget is the most important thing in the proposal; probably this is what they check in first hand after having a look at the title.

Here in this section of the proposal, you can explain your fee policy, payment schedule, and other legal aspects involved.

It is important to have a fixed price as it allows the customers to estimate the total of the project. Although make sure that you break your fee policy in various parts letting the clients know what they are paying for and that you are not ripping them off, you can also be precise and tell them about the rate per hour or the rates per day depending on the business you run.

07: Terms and Conditions

Your conclusion should be the step where you summarize everything that is stated so far be sure that you keep this part clear and easy to understand.

Make sure that you negotiate the legal terms and conditions of your company and also mention what you expect from your clients.

Steps to Outshine Your Proposal

Being Realistic

Your proposal is supposed to be describing the services that you are able to provide, it is necessary that you remember to not overdo your proposal by making vague promises and delivering the exact opposite.

Simple Wording

Your proposal should be formal however you should not use a highly technical word that should take your client’s time to digest as it is extremely important to respect your client’s time.

Visually Appealing

Even after filling up your proposal with the necessary information, it is also important that you should consider the fact that your proposal should be easy and clear to read, and it should be tempting enough to read.

Factors that you should consider

  1. White space: It is necessary to remember that no one likes to read a page filled with the word, always remember to leave some white space after a few paragraphs.
  2. Heading: Heading and sub-headings are always pleasing to the eyes of the reader as it allows them to jump from one section to another easily, be sure to include headings and sub-headings to divide the paragraphs.
  3. Bullet points: bullet points are very much convenient for the readers as they read through the paragraphs, and bullet points may be helpful in drawing the reader’s attention.


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