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Best Anchoring Script for Convocation Ceremony

Convocation day is an extremely awaiting and exciting days of any student’s life. After all, on this day, students, finally, get their hard work’s results. Thus, if you are looking for any anchoring script for the convocation ceremony to help you host this exciting day, here we have one to help you.

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Hello and good morning, ladies and gentlemen. t is me (name of the 1st host) and me (name of the second host). It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you all to the 13th convocation ceremony of XYZ Institute.

The Convocation day is, after all, much-awaited day of any student’s life as it returns the effort of their entire academic endeavor. And it is steeped with a sense of achievement and fulfillment. And most importantly, it makes them work harder to build a successful career ahead.

Thus, we will give our 100% to make it more memorable and exciting for you guys out there.

Welcoming the Chief Guest

Ladies and gentlemen, may I please ask you to rise as our honorable Head of the institute Mr. XYZ and chief guest Mr. XYZ have just entered the hall.

Thank you, everyone. May you please be seated.

We welcome the head of our institute, Mr. XYZ whose contribution and hard work towards our institute are always appreciated.

Moreover, Mr. XYZ our respected chief guest of the event, we warmly welcome you to our today’s event. Sr, you hardly require any introduction. As your work and contribution in the field of education and health are known to everyone here. Hope you will have fun with us.

With that being said, let the event roll out.


Ladies and gentlemen, now may I please request Mr. XYZ the presiding officer at the 13th convocation to declare the 13th convocation open.

After the opening

Thank you, sir.

(After a pause)

And now may I please request Mr. XYZ head of the XYZ institute to deliver the welcome address.

After the Welcome Address

Thank you, sir.

Lord’s Prayer





Before we begin the function, we would like to call (name of the reciter) on the stage to recite some verses of our holy book.

After Lord’s Prayer

Thank you, XYZ. It was indeed heart touching.

National Anthem

Well, we believe that any academic or national event is incomplete with out the nation anthem of our beloved country. Thus, I would like to call XYZ along his team to come on the stage and sing our national anthem.

Besides, may I please request you all to stand up and join them.

After the National Anthem

Thank you, everyone. May you please take your seats.

Welcome Tableau

Good, better, and best. Never let it rest. Till your good is better and your better is best.

~St. Jerome

Ladies and gentlemen, may you please put your hands together for our tableau performers choreographed by XYZ.

After Tableau Performance

It was indeed a splendid performance. Thank you XYZ and his group members for such a beautiful performance.

Report on Academic Activities

The XYZ institute has been serving the nation and youth for over a decade with the motive to spread creativity and innovation. May I please invite Mr. XYZ on the stage to give you a report on the academic activities of XZY institute and take over the proceedings.

He will takeover the followings:

  • Administering the oath to graduating students by the presiding officer.
  • Presenting Diplomas and medals by the chief guest.
  • Presidential remarks

Thank You, sir.


Ladies and gentlemen, may I now please request the chief guest to address the gathering.

After the chief guest’s speech

Thank you sir. But will you please stand there for a few minutes. And May I bother Ms. XYZ to present a memento to the chief guest.

Thank you to both of you.

Lastly, to end the event, we have Mr XYZ the head of the XYZ institute to declare the 13th convocation closed.

Wrapping Up

So that is it for the Anchoring Script for Convocation. If you have any questions regarding the Anchoring Script for Convocation above or else, let us know in the comment section below.

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