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What is the Best Answer to Tell Me About Yourself – Interview Question & Best Answers

If you are going to face an interview in order to get employed in any kind of job, most of the time the very common and first question you will be asked is “Tell Me About Yourself.” The is a very important and crucial question of your interview, simultaneously needs a strong and convincing answer in order to get appointed. Read the whole article to get to know what is the best answer to tell me about yourself.

Best Answer to Tell Me About Yourself

Initially, you always need to be prepared to answer the question tell me about yourself, because through this answer the interviewer will decide whether you worth listening to the rest of your answers or no, hence you have to be prepared in advance to answer this question confidently. The following tips will help you give a confident and strong answer to this question.

Interview Session
Interview Session

1. Make a Great First Impression

Have you heard that the first impression is the last impression? Making a great first impression will make your image in the interviewer’s mind and if you make a good first impression you will immediately catch the attention and interest of your interviewer to ask your further questions and listen to you eagerly.

2. What Answer Interviewers Want and Like to Hear?

Whenever you are asked the question tell me about yourself by an interviewer, indeed, the interviewer doesn’t want to know about you, but they only want to know 2 things:

A: They want to know what is most important to you.

So if you start by saying like: “Hi, my name is John and really like watching football, last night I saw Messi scored a hat trick “. This is not an answer to tell to this question right now. You should give relevant and strong answers related to the job which should convivence them why they should choose you rather than other applicants.

B: Are You Fit for The Job?

The interviewer is sitting there to hire someone whose qualifications, experience, and attitude are fit for the job. They want to hire someone who can successfully handle the job given to and this brings us to the tell-about-yourself formula.

Interview Day
How to Answer Tell Me About Yourself

3. The Formula to Tell Me About Yourself

The tell me about yourself formula has 3 elements to it:

  • Who You Are?
  • You Accomplishments
  • How You Are Fit For This Job?

A: Who Are You?

The most important factor to mention in the first few sentences is to summarize your experience or your education. You can use some adjectives to define your personality. For instance, you can say as follow:

Hi, I am Anne. I am an innovative HR Manager with 5 years of work experience managing all aspects and factors of the HR function. From recruitment to training and benefits for fortune 500 companies.

If you are a student you can answer to tell me about yourself question somehow as follows:

Hi, I am Ali. I am a hard-working engineering graduate specialized in Science Engineering with an overall CGPA of…

B: Accomplishment

In the second element, you need to talk about your best works, accomplishments, and something that you are proud of, and don’t exaggerate about yourself using superlative adjectives like I was the best employee of that company. If you use superlative it sometimes means you are exaggerating about yourself or you are ignorant. List your accomplishments with proof of performance. For instance:

I have led the sales of this company for 4 years and had the chance to bring in 2 Million Dollars with of new occupation during that time.

A statement like this looks humble and it talks about achievement and adds a number to it which makes it believable to your interviewer. Moreover, you can go on and add your other best achievements and accomplishments.

If you a student and have no experience with it, don’t worry. You can talk here about the training and appreciations you have received and talk about those skills that relate to the job you are applying to. For example:

Along with my degrees, I have completed Network infrastructure, Network +, SQL, and Java courses on Coursera and different technologies I learned have helped me develop my final project called “Name here” It was during this project that I discovered that I am a team player and I always have perseverance in my tasks.

C: How You Are Fit For This Job?

Most applicants forget this element but this is also a significant element that you have to focus on. Here you need to answer the interviewers that why you are applying and how you are fit for this job. Don’t talk about the issues and difficulties you had in your previous job. Ex: I was having issues with my manager which is why I am looking for a new job.

You might have such an issue but you don’t need to expose it. Hence, read the job requirements carefully and tell them how your skills are aligned with their requirements. Remember you should just take 1 minute or 90 seconds maximum to answer this question. You don’t need to tell the interviewers about your life story.

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4. English Grammar Issues

What to do if you are not a fluent English speaker and you are worried about your grammar mistakes? If you are not a good English speaker and you have some mistakes, this won’t affect your overall interview result, because the Interviewers are not examining your English level and grammar mistakes. But making too many mistakes will put a bad impact. You can use the following tips to look good at your speaking.

  • Be Confident: Be confident about whatever you say and make eye contact with your interviewer.
  • Be Human: Whenever you are answering don’t talk like a robot and use a single tone, instead use the excitement and be patient and slow down whenever you have to.
  • Conversation: Remember a good interview is a conversation, not a monolog so let your interviewer ask questions and listen to what they are asking.

When you have these 3 things your grammatical mistakes will go away and they won’t be noticed. If you know any tips and ideas about this topic, please let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

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