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Best Retirement Speech And Wishes | Farewell Speech in English on Retirement

Best Retirement Speech and Wishes: After many years of service to an institution or organization finally the time has come to announce the retirement of your coworker, colleague, or boss. Traditionally, when this significant moment comes, it indeed marks a life passage into the next chapter for an employee. Therefore the function for retirement has to be memorable heartfelt and honorable.

The one who is going to deliver a retirement speech has an important role to play because the retirement speech sets the mood of the retirement ceremony and also becomes a part of the retiring person’s memory forever. So it’s significant to deliver an honest and appreciable retirement speech.

Best Retirement Speech And Wishes

Good morning/evening/afternoon honorable dignitaries, the guest of honor, parents, teachers, and my dear friends. with a deep sense of reverence and heavy hearts we have gathered here today to bid farewell to our beloved friend (Nam here). It’s rightly said, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end but no distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth”.

This is absolutely true for….. (Name of retiring person) who is today bidding adieu to this institution after rendering his valuable services for almost 35 years. He/she has been a colossus whose impact has always been felt by each and every person of this group.

(Name of retiring person)… joined this organization/institute in the year………. as an assistant staff member but by a stint of his/her hard work and dedication he/she rose to the position of the president of this group.

His/her work life presents a valuable lesson to us as to how a man of humble origin with integrity and dedication can reach the top and make a difference for the institution/organization. (Name of retiring person)……has always committed himself/herself to great ideals and values and he/she has enforced these ideals through his/her work. This has led to great discipline around him/her. His/her long tenure was marked by the extraordinary progress of this institution.

Mr./Mrs……….. has been instrumental in organizing many workshops, training programs, and exhibitions for our group and drawn accolades from the state government and national level also.

On the personal front Mr./Mrs…….. is the person who believes in “simple living and high thinking”. He is always ready to help everyone and who so ever comes in contact with him/her never failed to improve himself, such as his/her demeanor. He/she is a great source of inspiration for all of us and the values which he has imparted in us will always remain alive in this institution.

Mr./Mrs……… always said and believed “Empower yourself with knowledge” so on this day we want to honor our dear Sir./Madam with a small gift from our staff members as a token of remembrance of his great influence on us. We sincerely wish great life ahead full of happiness, joy, and great health, and best of luck for the future prospects. So again I want to salute my mentor for his/her unflinching love guidance and teachings.

Thank you so much Sir/Madam and Happy Retirement!

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Retirement Wishes

Below you find some best lines to wish your colleague/coworker, you can customize and add them to your speech or card where applicable.

  • We will miss you in your absence. We hope you will enjoy every moment of your retirement. Best Wishes!
  • We are proud of the work you have done. The person you are and the difference you have made. Thank you for everything.
  • Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for faithfully sharing God’s love, not only with your words but also with your life. You have made a difference in countless lives because of his light in you.
  • The is not a retirement ceremony. This is the beginning ceremony to wish you a fantastic future, doing everything you ever want to do. Whenever you want to do it. Enjoy!
  • Your life’s golden phase is about to start. May God bless you to fulfill all your personal aspirations through your retirement. Live your dreams as much you can. Happy Retirement.
  • Dear Teacher, Like a candle that burns itself to spread light. You taught us everything by working hard day and night just like flowers give away fragrances that they can’t smell. You made our lives blossom in a way that words cant’ tell. Happy Retirement!
  • Be proud of all you have accomplished in your life, the wisdom you have gained, and the friends you have made.
  • Hope your retirement is perfectly grand, with lots of good luck in the gings that you have planned, and hope that the years will bring happiness, too. And all that is best just especially for you!
  • This is a day of celebration, not only for all you have accomplished but also for all of the possibilities that are unfolding before you.
  • May this time be a time of fulfillment for you and may joy and happiness ever fill your heart and day. Best wishes on your retirement.

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