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Teacher’s Speech for School Opening Day in English – Motivational Speech

Being a teacher means you have a lot of responsibilities because at that time you are not only a teacher but also a life coach, moderator, parent, and a motivator to the students. As it’s said that a teacher is like a candle who consumes himself or herself to light others. So you have to always inspire your students and keep them on your toes with your personality and knowledge. This speech is for inspiring students, I have tried to write the best teacher’s speech for school opening day in English to motivate your students.

When students fail to work, they will lose their self-esteem and they think they might not be successful anymore. In this situation, if students get motivated they will get their confidence in the fire and they will resume their work. Trying to succeed and work hard in their studies.

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Best Teacher’s Speech for School Opening Day

Good morning everyone presents here! I would like to extend my warmest wishes to you all at the beginning of the New Academic Year. Let me first congratulate those who attained high grades. As we all know the beginning of something new is always amazing. And we all feel the same.

Here, I am talking about the new academic session, the next chapter of your life means a lot of challenges and it depends on you that how you make the strategy to overcome the challenges. Being a teacher, I strongly feel that each child is different and unique and this is the place where a proper shape is given to your future.

To the students, I must say that do not regret your past learn from that. We can’t start the next chapter of our life if we keep reading the last one. Don’t compare yourself to anyone because everybody is unique. We can’t be good at everything. Compete with yourself, learn from your mistakes, and try to do your best.

Moreover, being a student means you have to try to succeed in your student life because success in school is the biggest success in life. It’s essential for every student to do his or her best in school and make a good result in high school.

When there are any cultural programs and competitive events in school, it’s a good chance to get many good reputations in winning these. This will definitely increase the school status and your status in school. Another thing that is very significant and effective for your success in school is to have respect for teachers. If you respect your teachers, they will love you and care about you and this will be another success in your school.

If you have the dream, wish, and goal in your study career then you will go to a higher level in life. To achieve your target obviously you have to struggle and pursue, this is the fact that nothing is possible without hard work, persistence, and pursuit.

There is one significant thing that every one of you has to follow it and it’s time management. Time management has a lot of importance in everyone’s life especially students. Proper time management has many advances as it makes our road to success easier and if you can use the time well then you will be much inspired, in addition, your confidence will increase. Hence, don’t hesitate to deal with any circumstances and situation you are in and follow the time management and make the right use of time.

One of the biggest hurdle in the way of your success is your laziness. Remove your laziness and be active in every step of your life. If you are active in your life, then you will not be only prospective in school but will be successful throughout your life. Practice working hard daily and finish homework, take care to study so that you can make good results in examination. Remember as a student you have to accept everything from study life.

My dear students, success has no shortcut, hence be responsible, be sincere, and be creative, and I wish that the year 2021 will be the brightest year of your life.


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