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The Ultimate Guide to Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Windows

If you are a student who loves taking notes on a computer or surf the Internet on daily basis, you can master Windows by The Ultimate Guide to Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Windows below. This way you can not only save time but also be more productive.

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The Ultimate Guide to Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Windows

 General Shortcuts

1 Ctrl + x Cut the selected item
2 Ctrl + C Copy the selected item
3 Ctrl + V Paste the selected item
4 Ctrl + Z Undo an action
5 Alt + Tab Switch between open apps
6 Alt + F4 Close the open app or item
7 Win + L Lock the PC
8 Win + D Display and hide the desktop
9 F2 Rename the selected item
10 F3 Search for the file or folder in the file explorer
11 F5 Refresh the active window
12 F6 Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop
13 F10 Activate menu bar in the active app
14 Alt + F8 Show password on the sign in screen
15 Alt + ESC Cycle through items in the order they’re opened
16 Delete Ships the selected item into recycle bin
17 Alt + Spacebar Open the shortcut window for the active window
18 Alt + Left arrow Go back
19 Alt + Right arrow Go forward
20 Ctrl + Alt + Tab Switch between all apps
21 Ctrl + F4 Close the active program (only those apps that allow you open more than one documents simultaneously)
22 Ctrl + A Select all
23 Ctrl + D Delete or move the item to recycle bin
24 Ctrl + R (F5) Refresh
25 Ctrl + Y Redo an action
26 Ctrl + F10 Display shortcut menu for the selected item
27 Ctrl + Shift + ESC Open task manager
28  Shift + Delete Delete the item without moving into recycle bin
29 Alt + F4 Close the active document
30 Alt + Enter View the properties of the selected item
31 F6 Cycle through the screen elements
32 F4 Display the address bar in My Computer or File Explorer
33 Shift + F10 Display the shortcut menu for the selected item
34 Ctrl + Esc Display the start menu
35 ESC Cancel the current task
36 Shift Prevent the CD ROM or the drive to play automatically (when inserting)
37 F1 Display help
38 HOME Display the top of the active window
39 END Display the bottom of the active window

Shortcuts with Windows logo

40 Windows Logo Open or close start
41 Win + A Open action center
42 Win + B Set focus on the notification area
43 Win + C Opens Cortana
44 Win + E Open file explorer
45 Win + F Open Feedback Hub
46 Win + G Open Game bar when any game is active
47 Win + H Start dictation
48 Win + I Open settings
49 Win + K Open quick connect action
50 Win + L Lock the PC
51 Win + M Minimize all the windows
52 Win + P Choose presentation display mode
53 Win + R Open Dialogue Box
54 Win + S Open search
55 Win + U Open utility manager
56 Win + X Open quick link menu
57 Win + period(.) or Semicolon Open emoji panel
58 Win + Ctrl + F Search for Computer (on a network)
59 Win + Tab Open Task View


I hope you found The Ultimate Guide to Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Windows useful. If I have missed any Windows Keyboard shortcut or you have any recommendations or questions, you can let us know in the comment section below.

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