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10 Best Chrome Extensions for Students to Increase Your Productivity

Nowadays every student is familiar with the Google Chrome browser which is not only very easy to use but one of the best browsers out there. Every blogger, youtuber, and student tends to use it either for personal use or business. Here you can learn how to also make your work easier with our Chrome Extensions For Students.

However, since Google Chrome is full of useful extension to use but there should be some kind of guide that you should show which extension you, as a student, should use to increase your productivity. So, deep down with 10 most useful Chrome extensions for students for maximum productivity.

best chrome extensions for students
Best Chrome Extensions for Students

1. PushBullet

PushBullet is an incredible approach to supply regular availability between your PC and phone. When you have the application on your telephone and on your Chrome program, you can trade anything between the gadgets like connections, pictures, and records. Besides, the clipboard gives you a chance to reproduce something on your telephone and glue it on your PC or from your PC to your phone.

PushBullet comes is very helpful when you are continually changing between your PC and your telephone.

Download PushBullet: Here

2. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is also a powerful extension for chrome users not only the student but also other chrome users. This just helps you find any word’s meaning in seconds. Also, this makes your work faster and easier.

You can simply use Google Dictionary to learn the meaning of the most difficult words that you haven’t hear about it yet. To learn the word’s meaning, select the word or double click on the word to select, this opens a small pop-up with the meaning of the word.

Download Google Dictionary: Here

3. Office Online

As a student, I think that office is the most important software for students but the problem that installing the office with a low-speed network. This may take about 1 year. Therefore, the process is very time-consuming for a student.

But now don’t worry your Google Chrome browser has an extension to make your work easier.

Office Online is an extension made by the Microsoft company itself to make your work easier. By this extension, you can do those all works which you can do with an office tool itself. You can create a file in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Sway without the Office installed on your pc.

Download office online: Here

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is, in fact, free open-source extension as the others which is very useful for the student who faces grammatical mistakes and also your word choice mistakes.

So, you can just start using it right now. Because it can help you too much when you are writing something and want a great solution for your grammatical mistake.

Download Grammarly: Here

5. FireShot

FireShot is a screenshot extension. You can use it to take screenshots of webpages on your browser. However, it is completely different from your system’s screenshot taking tool.

Yes, because FireShot captures the webpage only. And it removes the menu bar, tabs list, and other redundant stuff.

You can download it from: Here

6. Session Buddy

To make the best assignment, we usually tend to open a number of tabs at once. If we come back any other day, it is hard to find the one browser that we need.

We would either have to bookmark it else we would need to browse through the history to find it.

Thus, having a backup can sometimes be really useful. Thus, this is where Session Buddy comes in handy.

Download Session Budy

7. Spreed

It is a great extension that helps you browse through any article, webpage, or text quickly. It simply helps you read without losing comprehension. In addition, it features more options such as word speed, text color, and size.

Download Spreed

8. Auto Highlight

Auto Highlight is a great tool for students who need digital highlighter while reading articles or webpages. However, when installed, the extension scans through the text and highlights one or two key sentences.

Also, see this if you want to write an A* grade essay, click here How to Write an Essay- The Best Step by Step Guide.

As a student, you can use the extension on a single webpage for two additional periods. However, each time only one or two sentences are inserted. But this is a great way to make them think wisely about how to use the tool.

Download Auto Highlight

9. Stay Focusd

As students, it is very common in us to waste our time on social media and other not so very useful sites when we have to study. Therefore, we have found a great extension for you which is the Stay Focusd chrome extension. This is a great extension for chrome users.

Because Stay Focusd enables you to make yourself not to access selected sites. The program is easy to use and features a range of settings. So, you’ll be able to select the most useful times and active days for the websites on your block list.

Download Stay Focused

10. Todoist

The last extension from the best Chrome extensions for students is todoist. Todoist is a great tool for those who want to set a goal for themselves and actually achieve them. It is especially useful in writing down your tasks or todos for the day.

You can write your todos and mark done once you have completed it. Thus, for that todoist is a great extension for you which allows you to write down your every day’s todos. Moreover, it is a great tool for you to become more productive.

Download Todoist


So, it was all about the Top 10 Chrome Extensions For Students and I hope you have found your favorite extensions by now. Also, don’t forget it was not only for the student but also for other people who want to be more productive.

Also, stay tuned with us because we also make more great articles like this either it is for students or other people.

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