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18 Best free Apps for Android and iPhone

I’ve always believed that it’s not the phone that decides whether it’s useful for you or not, but rather what you do with it. If the phone is your gun, applications are the bullets (maybe that metaphor didn’t work that well, but anyways). Phones nowadays are so much more capable than they first were, so keeping this advantage in mind, the developers are making, even more, best free apps that are really making our phones and us – smarter. So in this article, I am be bringing you guys my favorite apps that I use all the time and quite literally can’t use my phone without. So here are 18Best Free Apps for Android and iPhone.

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18 Best Free Apps for Android and iPhone

1: Google apps:

Whether you’re an Android user or an iPhone’s, Google apps are must apps amongst all these 18 Best Free Apps for Android and iPhone because they are great and really important at the core. My favorite and most important Google apps are:

All of these best free apps are amazing and really, really useful. I couldn’t think of using my phone without them because I believe these apps are made to equip our phones.

2: VidMate

After Google apps, the app which deserves to be listed in the 18 Best Free Apps for Android and iPhone is VidMate. This app isn’t available in the Play Store, but you can download and install its app from a Google search. I use this app to download videos and audios from any website, especially YouTube. You can download YouTube videos in any quality available, and also the mp3 versions of them, which is amazing. It’s really convenient for downloading songs, and I know, music lovers like me would appreciate it.

Another cool feature of this app is that if copy a link of a YouTube video, around pop-up will appear at the bottom right of your screen to take you to the VidMate app and download the video/audio right away.

3: Pocket

If you like reading, then this is the app you would want to install. It offers you tons of useful articles that you can read and save for offline reading. It’s a really good way of making good use of your phone and its offline feature makes it that much more available to use. You can share your own articles here and they will be saved for later reading, and you can also find really amazing articles in its Explore section as well. It’s a really simple app, easy to use yet really convenient and knowledge-pouring.

4: Blip Blip

It may not be the most important app on the list, but I believe it’s one of the most addictive ones. It’s basically a blipper that plays little tones each time the hour changes. Amongst many little tunes, it has the Casio Watch sound, which I love, so every time an hour passes and the minutes turn to 00′, it goes (tiiit tiiit). It helps you keep the track of the day’s hours and whenever it blips, quite instantly, you think to know where am I and where am I supposed to be. It’s surprising how little sounds can give you the idea of your time and how to manage it. Plus we don’t wear watches that produce these sounds anymore, so it’s kinda nostalgic as well.

5: DreamLeague Soccer (Game)

It’s very likely that your current favorite game is eventually going to get you bored and you will find a new one. But this game has stuck with me throughout. It’s been two years that I have been playing it and it never gets old. I am not a crazy gamer or anything but whenever I feel like playing something on my phone, I turn to this game. It’s entertaining and challenging as you keep passing stages. The funny thing is that I’ve not yet been able to move past the 2nd competition, so it’s here to stay for another couple of years. Do check it out – it’s for everyone who likes soccer and even for those who doesn’t.

6: Volume Slider

It’s a very convenient app to control your Media Volume by just sliding your finger up and down at the sides of your screen. The regular version lets you only choose one side of the screen to be the default side for Volume control. The pro version lets you choose multiple sides, but I believe one side is enough. It’s really easy and quick. Against the traditional way of clicking the volume buttons, Volume Slider helps you control the media volume in a new and more convenient way. And hey, you can also tease your friends with how magically its ups and downs the volume; it’s really cool.

7: Recurrence

Let’s be honest, we all need a reminders app to remind us to do even the basic of tasks like call someone, text someone, bring groceries, complete your assignment or downloading that specific song. Recurrence is the app I’ve been using for very long now and I’d probably keep using it further ahead as well. It’s easy and quick to set reminders for specific days and specific time of the day. Once the reminder appears in the notifications, you can ‘mark it as done’ or ‘snooze’ it for further hours. So to keep you on track with the important tasks of the day amongst, otherwise crazily busy days, Recurrence is there to assist.

Get on Android

8: Pinterest

It’s a very popular app yet I’ve seen a very limited number of people to actually use this app. So it’s a photos app where you can find photos of celebrities, memes, wallpapers, quotations, and pretty much everything you can find in Google images. It has a home page where there are photos related to your previous searches, so whenever you open the app, I’m sure you’ll download some photos to your phone. It’s another good feature of Pinterest, it lets you download images directly to your phone and the images you download aren’t heavy so they download fast, yet it’s in good quality to be set as wallpaper, or as your ‘display pictures’ for social media sites. So, install this one, folks and find amazing pictures of your crushes (wink wink).

9: MX Player (Video player)

I don’t think any android phone has a well-built video playing application. First of all, there isn’t any; video playing is rather poorly built in the gallery’s app. But if there is a separate app for it, it’s really not that great. So to watch videos, I always install MX Player. It’s pretty, easy to use, and feature-packed. It has convenient controls that you get used to very quickly and eventually gets accustomed to. Then in whichever app you’re playing videos, you’d mistakenly slide you fingers for brightness or volume control, because you’re used to it now. The only downside of it is that lately, it comes with tons of ads. But because I usually use it offline, so I’m not bothered as much. I’m sure most of you might already be using it, but if you’re not, download it now. You’re missing on it dearly.

10: English (Dictionary app)

We all need a dictionary app at some point at least to check out that weird word’s meaning or to learn how that word is spelled. Though you have a few options to choose from, English should be at the most prior options. To be honest, I really haven’t tried any other dictionary app, because this one has been easy and complete. You can search for words, favorite words for later viewing, discover words and also can see the history of searches. Once you’ve searched the word, you can click on the speaker to hear the pronunciation of the word. You can also see the etymology, synonyms, translations, and all the basic stuff. And if you’re using the latest version of Android, you can use its ‘tap-and-hold’ feature as well from which you can directly go to the search window.

11: Files Go (File Explorer by Google)

It is rather a new app by Google as a replacement of your typical file explorer app. This is not as feature-packed as some of the other file explorers I have used, but it is definitely the smartest of the bunch. It lets you clean your phone storage by giving you the options to clean the junk files (caches), delete unused app (this suggestion gets better by time), delete large files, and also the duplicate files that you can on your phone. Besides, it is really a good app for you to keep your phone tidy and spacious – of course, it is! It is an app by Google.

12: Flud (torrent client)

I use torrent a lot to download most of the media I watch whether it is movies, TV shows, songs, software, e-books, audiobooks, and all kind of stuff.

So I should assume that you guys already know how to use torrent sites, but if you don’t, here’s a quick demo. Go to and search for the media file you want to download, suppose (Iron Man 3 movie), then there comes a bunch of results. Click on the top first result and it’ll take to a new page with different other torrent websites (like piratesbay, zooqle, limetorrents etc) so you click on one of them (I prefer ‘zooqle’) and then it’ll finally take you to the download page from where you can either download the torrent file (which is > 1mb) or you can choose the ‘magnet’ option which directly takes you to the application. Which application, you ask? Flud. So you need Flud to download that torrent file. There are other options as well, but I’ve stuck with this one because it’s better at not flooding you with ads, and it shows many details about the progress of the download.
So yeah, do use torrent – it is one place for all your needs.

13: Flynx (chat-head browser)

You must all be familiar with the Facebook messenger’s chat-head feature where your conversation appears in a small bubble anywhere at the edge of your screen. Well, this browser follows the same feature – it opens the links in another window which appears like a bubble on the edges of your screen. So it doesn’t force you to switch the application to visit that specific URL. You can carry along your what you’re doing while also visit the site in a separate window. For example, you’re using Facebook and a link appears in your feed, there you can click on the link, select Flynx as your default browser and it will open the site in a chat-head manner. Really convenient, really useful, do check it out.

14: Lithium (e-book reader)

Though I am not a fan of reading books on my phone, I do now and then start a book here because it gives me something to do with my phone when there’s no internet available. And it might be helpful for you too in some other ways. Therefore, I thought of including this in my 18 Best free Apps for Android and iPhone. So for those times, I use Lithium. It is really simple to use and it has a beautiful UI which makes it easier for the readers to read.

First, you download ‘epub’ version of the E-book on your phone (from torrent or a google search) and then it’ll appear in the application. When start reading the book, you can customize how the pages look: change its color, font size, brightness and a couple of more options. Your book is also segmented as it is in the book. For example, if it has chapters and the e-book also has chapters and you can click on a specific chapter to start the book from there. It also has the resume feature where you can start your book right from where you left it.

15: MP3 Cutter

It’s probably the least developed application that I will mention in this list, but as far as it gets the job done, I will keep using it. So I use this app, as the name suggests, to cut my mp3 files for mainly making a new ringtone out of a song. We’d all agree that there always comes a song with that beautiful flute or guitar, or that hot beat that we want it to be our ringtone but it’s not always as easy as setting the song as your ringtone, so you have to cut and edit it to get the right tune. MP3 cutter helps you do that. You can also cut the talking parts of a song if you have downloaded the mp3 version of a video song.

16: Piktures (Gallery app)

It is ‘pictures’ with a K. I found this app a couple of years ago as a replacement to my pre-installed gallery app and I instantly fell in love with it. It is easy to use, organized, and feature-packed as well which makes it way more pleasing to use than your generic gallery application.

On the home page, it has all your photos in a grid of 4×4 which you can change to 3×3 or 5×5, as you please. A swipe from the left would bring you folders in vertical alignment so jumping from a folder to next is very easy. You can also hide the folder that you don’t want others to see.

You can also have a camera shortcut on the home page by enabling the option in the settings menu. In setting, it also has a couple of other options such as the parallax effect of the cover photo at the top of your home page, Chromecast option and many more. It is beautiful, easy and pleasing to use the gallery app. Check it out.

17: Shareit

First, it was Zipya, and then Shareit just completely overtook it. It is a very convenient way of sharing all types and sizes of files. Whether it is applications, videos, and photos, documents, songs, whatever you have on your phone can be shared through this app. And because it uses Wi-Fi direct, no matter how large the files are, it only takes seconds to share. But for this feature to use, both the sender and the receiver need to have this application installed on their phone. It is definitely more advanced than the Bluetooth sharing, and much faster as well.

18: Monument Valley (1 and 2)

The last but not the least one of the 18 Best Free Apps for Android and iPhone is Monument Valley. It is of one the all times best games for smartphones. Besides, itis a premium, puzzle game which is very pleasing and challenging to play. It is masterfully made and the architect in this game is just the next level. The sound of the game and also the visuals are just stunning. To really appreciate how deservingly great game Monument Valley (1 and 2) are, you have to play it yourself.

The only downside is that it is a premium game and you have to pay for it – but since there’s no way paying method for apps in Pakistan, I had to go the alternative way, which to install the ‘apk’ and the ‘obb’ file of the game in your phone from websites. To better understand how is it done, you can watch YouTube tutorials on ‘how to install Monument Valley for free’.


That is it for this version of 18 Best Free Apps for Android and iPhone. I hope you found some great applications to play with and to help you get the most out of your phone. And don’t forget to check out our top 10 Applications to Customize Your Phone in Your Stylebeside our 18 Best Free Apps for Android and iPhone.

Use your phone with its fullest potential with these 18 Best Free Apps for Android and iPhone which actually deserve a spot on your home screen!

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