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What are the Qualities of the Best Essay

From time to time students are given the task of writing quality essays. This task can be in college or university assignments. Initially, let’s find out Why are students are always asked to write essays? Students are asked for essay assignments because this is a type of writing work in which students learn to express their own thoughts about different topics. And most importantly it develops students’ creativity and thinking power too. If you are given the assignment to write an essay and in spite of having good ideas and thoughts about a title yet you don’t know about the structure of an essay and what are the qualities of the best essay. Don’t worry this article will help you to know about the 7 important qualities of a good essay.

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What are the Qualities of the Best Essay

Everyone tries to write a quality essay in order to gain a good result and marks. A good essay has many qualities, as it has to be free of grammatical and spelling errors, a proper structure, and a good essay must have a strong supportive idea for arguments too. Check out below the 8 important qualities that an essay must contain.

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1. You Essay Must be Clear and Concise

Of course, when you have to show your creativity then the number of pages you have written doesn’t matter at all. In fact,  you have to stay simple and your words should be clear for your readers. And the number of pages you have written does not add to your creativity. That’s why you have to keep your essay clear and concise. If your essay is lengthy and is not clear and related to the main topic, then it is useless. So the first quality is that you should try to keep your essay clear and concise.

2. Write Relevant to the Topic

It is not possible that the essay should discuss different aspects of the topic that’s why it is different from other types of paper works. The points and pieces of evidence should be specific and relevant to the topic. For proving your points of view, you have to find out pieces of evidence so that the reader should be convinced that your points are true and relevant to the topic.

3. Unity

What does it mean? Unity means to combine two different things together. In essay writing, the unity of the paragraphs is really important. All the paragraphs must have a connection between themselves so that the main point should be described in a clear way. The connection between the paragraphs depends on the thesis statement of the essay. If you have written a strong thesis statement, then their connection will remain till the end and this statement controls all your essays. And it has a leading role in writing an effective essay.

4. Use Transitions

Transitions words play an important role in writing a good quality essay because they connect two words, sentences, and even a paragraph with each other. As we discussed the importance of unity and relevance in the essay above, transitions are the words that persist the connection between the paragraphs and the relevance of the essay. Transitions beautify the essay therefore, it helps us write a good quality essay. It’s recommended to read Essential Transition Words and Phrases for Writing.

5. Don’t use Unnecessary or Informal Words or Expression

Unnecessary words and sentences don’t have any place in a good quality essay. If you are seeking a perfect and good-quality essay, then you should not use words or phrases that are not capable. For instance, say” I have found an amazing job for myself”, instead of saying” I have found an amazing and great job for myself”. You all can see the difference between the first sentence and the second one. In the second sentence, the words “amazing and great” have the same meaning therefore, there is no need of using both of them in one sentence at a time. Some informal and short-form phrases like “gonna” instead use going to. There are a lot of short-form phrases which you have to avoid using them.

6. Avoid Grammatical Mistakes

Obviously, an essay must be free of grammatical errors, spelling errors, run-ons, and fragments. All the basic grammar rules should be applied in the essay so that the essay should be of good quality. Most of the students complain that why they get fewer grades in their essay writing tests. The main reason behind getting fewer grades in exams is that students don’t follow the basic grammar rules which makes it less effective and perfect. So try to follow this step, because it is the pillar of a good quality essay.

7. Proofread Your Essay Carefully

A good-quality essay is revised several times so that it doesn’t contain any sort of error. Try to review it once. It is necessary to review the essay of rectifying some mistakes that might have been missed or for including some important points. Revising is an important part of writing a good-quality essay. Revisions are done to make sure your writing is solid, and your writing doesn’t have any spelling and grammatical errors. Indeed, revision is a must for writing a perfect essay and it is one of the qualities of the best essay. Recommended to read: 5 Tips to Help You Proofread Your Writing Like a Pro

The qualities mentioned are highly recommended by great content writers, who write a good and effective essay. What do you think about this title? Were these tips helpful? Please feel free to share your feedback and ideas with us in the comments section below. And let us know what you all want to read next. So for more articles and updates follow us and stay tuned.

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