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The 10 Best Money Making Apps – Make Money Fast by These Apps in 2021

In this article, I am going to talk about apps that you can download on your phone and make money by completing different tasks from liking a photo to downloading a game and playing it for a couple of hours. But there are certain disclaimers because your time is the most precious currency and money in this world and you can only use those apps in a critical situation. Like you need $100 or $200 right now in a month and then you would use those apps. Otherwise, it’s better to spend your time studying online, become more proficient in something, so that later on you can make that money not in a couple of weeks in a couple of hours. You can download the 10 best money making apps and start making money fast.

The 10 Best Money Making Apps

1. Surveys on The Go

The first app is called Surveys on The Go and you will like it and instead of downloading apps that you don’t need or liking photos you don’t like, you are actually expressing your opinion and huge companies like Loreal, Vodafone, and T-Mobile, are releasing a new product every month and they need public’s opinion and you are actually expressing your opinion and you will get the first dollar right away once you download the app. This service is only available in the US. In other parts of the world, you can use a VPN to download it.

2. Toluna

Toluna is available worldwide and it’s a market research app and it mostly focuses on surveys but there are also other types of tasks that can give you more money than just taking a survey. You can get paid by cash using PayPal and they also have a free webinar that teaches you how to use the app.

3. Yoll Academy

This app is available in the US and for those people who are having good English and who have the authorization to work in the US. If you want to invest your time in something meaningful and acquire skills that will bring you a lot more money later in your life, join Yoll Academy. They teach you IT skills which are most in-demand in the world right now, and people who have this skill make more than $100,000 in a year.

Yoll Academy currently recruiting their next batch of students, their course lasts for six months and there is no prior IT knowledge required. What you can do right now is you can take their free online webinar and you can take this course anywhere.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

This app is created by Google and is a huge brand, if you want to start you can 100% trust this app. Actually, with this app, you are actually rating different things and mostly you are rating different ads because again for Google it’s important to see what kind of ads are performing better so that they can push it to more audience. For you, they are going to show different types of ads and you are going to rate them. This app is only available in the US and some European countries.

5. Userfeel

This app is available worldwide. This app will ask you to go on their website and experience it and leave feedback about its design and visibility, so you are like a user experience tester who is getting paid by user paid. Each test lasts between 10-20 minutes and you are paid $10-$20 via PayPal or Payoneer. In the beginning, you would need to do something for free, you need to go for one test, record your screen and record your voice, and then they are going to look at your performance and rate you. Depending on your ranking, you will get more or fewer tasks.

6. Slidejoy

This app is only available in the US and basically, they pay you for showing ads on your lock screen. Install their app they start showing you ads and it doesn’t matter whether you interact with those ads and you can either swipe to see more ads or you can click on the ad and actually make a purchase if you want. Also, it doesn’t matter if you don’t purchase they are still going to pay.

If you want to make more money with that app you still survey within the app and make more. Actually, you get paid $5 to $15 on average per month without doing anything, just having ads in your lock screen. To get paid you need to wait for three months before actually getting the paid the first money. When you are paid after three months then you will get paid every month.

7. Field Agent

This app is also only available in the US and indeed, the name speaks for itself. Basically, you log in to that app you tell the app where you are and they are going to send local tasks your way. Eg. When you had to go into a grocery store and take a picture of a particular turkey brand and show where it is located within the store. Companies do this because they want to see where their products are placed and what’s going on around their product and whether people can easily access it or not. The payment depends on how the task is. The maximum we have seen is $12 per task but an average is $4 to $5. You will get your money within 48 hours of completing the task.

8. Quick Thoughts

This app is also available in the US and this app is also for surveys and they follow some kind of protocol when they first ask you questions, they determine your demographics and depending on where you are with your life. They are going to send different surveys your way and the amount of money you are going to make depends on who you are and what you do. We have seen reports that people make $3 to $10 a day which makes it one of the highest paying apps on the market.

9. Foap

Foap is available worldwide and this is a great app for people who like to take pictures. So, basically, you take pictures, you upload them and you can sell them to brands. Just taking pictures and upload them doesn’t mean you are going to make money, you have to wait for people to buy them. But there are certain missions that you can go onto like for example Pepsi wants a lot of content for their Instagram or ad with people drinking Pepsi in different locations so you go into that mission and take pictures according to their request.

10. Tap Tap Money

Tap Tap Money is another making money app and is only available in the US and in this app, you download apps, download different games you engage with them and you get paid for that.

Bottom Lines:

Remember, we have downloaded these apps and they are legit but sometimes people create apps that look very similar to the apps mentioned in this article, and they might ask you for money upfront like register for $10. Whenever you see a requirement like this quit. The apps I have mentioned in this article are totally free to use and free registration and you can start making money without paying anything upfront.

For most of the apps mentioned, the payout method is PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal initially try to make a Paypal account. Moreover, I only recommend doing this for a limited amount of time. Because the only thing that is valuable that we have in our life is our time and we should invest it wisely. If you really really need cash right now, you can try, but it would better to take any course online trying to become a professional in some area, and then you would be able to make $50 in an hour not in a week.


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