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Most Used Phrases in Business English Writing

There are some common phrases that you might use every day in writing emails, talking on the phone, and meeting investors. So, if you are interested in sounding like a pro in writing business emails or other types of business writing then learn the following most used phrases in business English writing.

50 Most Used Phrases in Business English Writing

1To whom it may concernIs a salutation that has traditionally been used in business correspondence when you don’t have a specific person to whom you are writing, or you do not know the name of the person to whom you are writing.
2 Please find attachedWhen sending a file into an email
3FYIFor your information
4ASAPAs soon as possible
5CVCurriculum vitae
6  Moving you to BCCSo to move someone to BCC in an email chain is to ensure that they won’t be part of the conversation going forward. And to inform them of the move is simply to be transparent, to all involved, about the upcoming silence.
7cc’ing somebody in an emailVerb (used with object), cc’ed or cc’d, cc·’ ing. to send a duplicate of a document, email, or the like to I always cc my boss when I write a memo to my staff. to send (a duplicate of a document, email, or the like) to someone: Jim, please cc this to each of the department heads.
8Team buildingCollaboration and working in a group
9Start from scratchTo start from the very beginning
109 to 5When you work every day in the office. Ex: I work 9 to 5 in the office.
11Set deadlines / Meet deadlinesSet deadline: A deadline is a time or date before which a particular work must be finished. Meet deadline:  to finish work on time, by the agreed date. I have a deadline to meet, this work must be finished by tomorrow.
12To give the green lightTo give the approval
13Behind schedule / Ahead of scheduleBehind schedule: later than planned or expected/ Ahead of schedule: in front of or before.
14To catch upTo go through all of the tasks.
15Stay on budgetSpend as much money you have planned.
16Go over budgetTo spend a lot of money that you have planned to.
17Sign off on somethingA signature or verbal yes to continue doing something.
18Ahead of the curveTo plan far in advance and far ahead.
19A ballpark figureA ballpark figure is a rough numerical estimate or approximation of the value of something that is otherwise unknown.
20To kick-offTo start or to begin.
21?An employee who works for cooperation.
22To look at the big pictureTo look at things in general without focusing on details.
23To play by the bookTo follow the exact rules.
24To call it a dayYou have finished the work and you want to go home. Ex: Let’s call it a day.
25To corner the marketTo dominate the market.
30Get in on the ground floorTo invest in a company in the very earlier stage and make money.
31To think outside the boxTo think in nontraditional or differently from a new perspective.
32To touch baseGetting in touch with someone.
33Word of mouthSs the passing of information from person to person using oral communication, which could be as simple as telling someone the time of day.
34A yes manA person who says yes to everything.
35Red TapeOfficial routine or procedure marked by excessive complexity which results in delay or inaction.
36To play hardballTo negotiate in a very aggressive manner.
37DownsizingMake (a company or organization) smaller by eliminating staff positions.
38Let GoTo fire.
39To get/have one’s foot in the doorTo make the first step toward a goal by gaining entry into an organization, a career, etc.
40To be on the same pageTo agree.
41To drop the ballTo discontinue a task.
42In the black/ in the redTo be in the black means when you are making a profit. To be in the red means when you lose money in a job.
43My hand are tiredTo deny or refuse something. Ex. My hand is tired sorry.
44Staff shakeupA period when a lot of employees are fired and new ones are hired.
45OutsourcingWhen you don’t want to hire somebody but your contract with a company to do something particular.
46EODEnd of day.
47Mission statementA formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.
48ROIReturn on investment.
49From the ground upFrom the scratch or from the beginning
50EOWEnd of week

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