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How to Write Better: Learn These Tips to Improve Your Writing Today

Writing is an art that requires practice, technique, and recognition, not like many people out there who believe that to write good text just put words together.

Therefore, this article aims to show you how to best deal with how to write better. Besides, on the way, you will also learn what practices can help you, without leaving your home.

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Learn How to Write Better and Master the Art of Writing

After all, like everything else in life, practice makes perfect! No soccer player was born knowing how to kick a ball. Similarly, no physicist was born knowing physics. And no one is born knowing how to write. It really is an art. So, there are people who speak very well but have difficulty putting ideas on paper.

However, this is not a seven-headed monster and everyone can learn some techniques and become a great writer, just practice. As I said, it is the practice that makes perfect. Thus, pay attention to the tips below and keep practicing.

Read to Learn How to Write Better

This is the most basic tip. However, anyone who wants to develop the art of writing has already realized that reading and writing are directly linked. This is because our mind is conditioned, when we read a lot, we automatically discover new vocabulary, spellings, grammatical structures, etc.

All of this is “archived” by our subconscious, and unknowingly, we begin to consider excerpts and passages read as references for future writing.

However, it is only possible if you started writing as your favorite author or tried at least. And this is constant learning: read, write, readjust and continue this evolution always.

Reading will always be a great tip, simple, easy and true and sometimes rare, pleasurable. Read the most varied themes, from simple to complex, children and adults. Because the entire collection will help your brain to develop, and with it, all your creativity and writing skills.

Create a Blog

This tip is for you to write about what you like, a good opportunity to combine pleasure and writing skills.

This is because the reasoning is logical. So, if you try to write about something you do not like, it is normal that you do not do so willingly and diligently. Thus, the result may not have the quality you would like.

Let’s take a practical example. Imagine that you have a blog and really enjoy talking about travel. So, you can create narrative, descriptive stories or talk about anything you want, but you will have to win over your reader.

To do this, you will do research (will be reading) about travel destinations, comparing articles, qualifying your text and “archiving” in your brain, valuable information for future productions.

Over time, reading and writing will be a habit and you will develop well on any topic.

Write Correctly (Even on the Internet)

People have no idea how important this is. Writing well is writing correctly!

When we put aside laziness and the tendency to abbreviate all words, we are conditioning our brains to become more critical and observant.

Words should always be used correctly, do not hesitate to consult the dictionary (or Google as long as the source is safe). But do not write wrong. Avoid the danger of slipping, distracting or silly mistakes arising from bad habits created by the internet.

Practice Anywhere and Anytime

If we stop paying attention, our daily lives are an endless source of themes that we can use to write all the time. Always have a notebook in your hand, even a pocket one. Write down, record facts, write a note, a poem, a story.

Get in the habit of writing everything that goes through your head, be it a short, long text. The important thing is to write. Then, later you will be delighted to remember facts and things and to see the evolution and development of your writing ability, your creativity, your critical sense, not to mention your ability to observe.

Thus, your texts will have more weight, relevance, and meaning. Writing techniques will begin to be mastered and the structure of your texts will become increasingly coherent with professional flair.

Ask for Third-Party Opinion

It is the famous feedback. It is very important, after all, a lot happens when we write that we do not realize our own mistakes. We went unnoticed silly mistakes, flaws in structure, verbal agreement, etc.

In addition to getting this kind of feedback, you still pay attention to what people thought of your text, whether they understood what you wanted to convey and also whether you are on the right track or not.

From there, it becomes easier for you to make corrections, adaptations, and keep progressing with your production and evolution as a writer.


There are many tips we can give, but the most important of all is the repetition, the practice. Nobody writes a masterpiece, the work is constant, as the study, the research.

Writing every day, reading articles or books, walking with notepads, feeding social networks, blogs, writing reviews and film reviews, writing correctly on the internet are certainly good habits that make up the good writer.

These are habits that should be implemented in your routine. So that one day you can do each of these things naturally and spontaneously, creating your own style.

Writing allows us to convey content, information, knowledge. Besides, allows you to reach new levels of interaction: teach, guide, entertain. For those who like is a pleasure and for those who read it is an art.

Whatever you want to write, do it willingly So, study, research, read and reread, write and rewrite, as often as you feel the need. As I have mentioned this several times in this article, there are several tips for making you a good writer, but what really puts you up there is Practice and Repetition.

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