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6 Qualities of Good Academic Writing You Should Adopt Now!

Whether you are a student at school, college or university, academic writing is an important skill. Because good academic writing not only effects your grade but also opens up doors to your future goals. Therefore, if you know what are the qualities of good academic writing, you are at a great advantage.

Otherwise, you need to learn!

So, in the article below, we have listed 6 important qualities of good academic writing that you should adopt now! But before we dive into what are the best qualities of academic writing, let us learn what is academic writing and why it is so important.

What is Academic Writing?

Well, there are basically two types of academic English: written academic English and spoken academic English.

Academic English, according to Dr. Karen Howell, is the type of English we use to share any research or academic work to persuade your academic reader that the argument you have created is accurate.

Why is Academic Writing Important?

Academic writing is of vital importance. It serves as an outstanding tool that we can use to convey knowledge in a specific field of study. It is an essential skill for students. As it helps them analyze, think critically and convey information skillfully.

As a student, when we write an academic paper, first, we need to read and analyze the available information. So, we have to carefully examine the previous writer’s work and ideas in order to be able to write about the given topic.

Because we can not just summarize what the previous author has written, so we have to give it some time and analyze the information thoroughly. This process helps us grow in different fields.

Hence, academic writing helps us learn to think critically, analyze effectively and come out with what is most important.

6 Amazing Qualities of Good Academic Writing

For the above reasons, it is essential to master academic writing. Therefore, whether you are writing an essay, precise, personal statement or else, your paper should be steeped with the following qualities of good academic paper.


1. Good Academic Writing Begins With a Specific Question

No matter you are writing an essay, a personal statement, or a research paper, every academic paper starts with a single purpose: to answer a question or questions probably.

Because academic writing, mainly, helps the writer to answer any research questions. Whether those questions are built by the writer himself or provided by their professor.

Thus, your academic paper should begin to answer that specific question.

2. Good Academic Writing Emphasizes Logical Reasoning

Any academic paper must be logical. So, it must promote logical reasoning over emotional perception. Because facts are much more crucial than being sentimental about any subject.

3. Good Academic Writing Provides Evidence

Besides being logical, a good academic paper provides proof. So, whatever you claim in your paper, it should be based on truth. And your writing will only be effective if you have given enough reasons why your claims are true.

4. Good Academic Writing is Focused

In order to be effective to your reader, your academic writing should be focused. It should only talk about the concerned subject. Therefore, try to avoid beating around the bush.

5. Good Academic Writing is Clear and Coherent

Since English is a reader responsible and low context language, it completely depends upon the writer to create a good image in their reader’s mind about the topic. Thus, as a writer, try to be as clear as possible and most importantly speak your reader’s language.

Moreover, your writing should be coherent. That means that your next sentence should connect back to the previous sentence and your paragraphs should be about a single topic. You can use traditional words to not only connect sentences but also paragraphs.

6. Good Academic Writing Implies Good Grammar and Writing Rules

Good academic writing, furthermore, uses accurate grammar and writing rules. Because weak grammar indicates weak writing skills. Therefore, to become a good academic writer, one has to improve his grammar skills.

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