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5 Must-Reads Books Every Student Should Read

I say it out of personal experience that reading books, novels especially, alongside your academic career help you a ton. It might seem like a boring extracurricular activity for most of the students because they read all day, all year, but it’s something completely different. Not only does it sharpen your command on your academic performance and lead you to better grades, but it also brings more maturity and sense of responsibility in you. And we all know, a responsible student goes a long way.

But there are many books out there and you can’t just start reading one, although I do say it to everyone to start reading the book you already have with yourself at home in your cupboard just to start flowing that reading juice. And of course, read it all the way to the end – that’s a must! But from my own collection of books, I will recommend these 5 Must-Reads Books Every Student Should Read to especially students, and generally everyone else as well because the impact of these 5 Must-Reads Books Every Student Should Read on you is massive.

5 Must-Reads Books Every Student Should Read

1: The Power of Habit (Charles Duhigg)

the power of habitSo the first book in this list is The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. And it may be recommended as a business book for business students, which is on point for the business students, but I would like to say that it is not just a particular business-related book – it is for everyone; we all have habits, right?

The thing I loved about this book is how fascinating it was for me to discover so much about myself and about how my mind works. So much of our lives are covered with actions that we perform repeatedly, nonstop, yet we don’t know why, how, and what are we doing because it has become a habit and we don’t think about the tasks that we do habitually. Then it’s easy, smooth literature is just icing on the cake; you will fly through this book. It is very, very interesting and very, very easy to read – that’s all the very’s you’re going to need to pick up and start reading this book.

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2: The Last Lecture (Randy Pausch)

The last lectureThe second book I’d like to recommend for 5 Must-Reads Books Every Student Should Read beside The power of Habits is none other than The Last Lecture. Actually what price would you be willing to pay, if someone who’s about to die, would leave you all his wisdom and knowledge he learned throughout his life?

There are two emphases that I want to make with this question of mine. One about the unfair way of leaving this world that Pausch, the main protagonist in this book, had to go through; it is really heartbreaking and you wouldn’t want to miss reading him write about how it was. Second, how effectively did he transferred his knowledge, wisdom, pain, love,

and all the things that he was, not just to inspire his children and wife and his students, but to inspire us – everyone who reads his book.

It’s a book that you wouldn’t regret reading because it shows you the power of your dreams and your struggles and their combined importance, the power of love and how it can make you last even if you’re not physically there, the power of an ordinary man that would inspire t to be better at living. That’s about it to make my point on how important this book was for me, and going to be for all of you.

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3: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking  (Susan Cain)

QuiteThe third book in my list of  5 Must-Reads Books Every Student Should Read is Quiet. To not know who you are is like being an actor who doesn’t know which role to play; but once you start to discover the complexities that make you, your life starts to make sense and you will start glooming brighter than ever before.

I am happy to say I have been on both sides of the spectrum: I lived my life in a shadow, not knowing who I was; I struggled because I wanted to be everyone else. Then this book came along and changed everything. It is one of the books that will help you discover yourself and show you that the things you are unthankful, the things that make you who you are, are actually your unenhanced powers. It’s about the two personalities, two ways of living that could be applied to anyone, anywhere: the extroverts and introverts.

In her book, Cain shows the powers of introverts in the otherwise our highly extroverted world where people just can’t stop talking. So this book is enormously recommended for my introvert people from 5 Must-Reads Books Every Student Should Read, for them to go out of their insecurities and feel proud for being who they are. And for the extroverts too, to realize and understand the introverts and their ignored complexities, and then realize how together we can work to make miracles happen.

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4: The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle)

The power of now

After the last book, in 5 Must-Reads Books Every Student Should Read, I’d like to add in the very powerful book-The Power of Now. And I won’t lie, by the time I had finished this book I had no idea what particular lessons or answers I was taking away. But it is just to say that I need to read this book once again because ever since I have finished this book it has come back to me endless times – telling me what I learned and making me live a better life.

It is a book about the power that Now possesses and how being mindful can make you more grateful, aware and alive. It also uncovers that darkest secrets of our minds and how miserably we are controlled by it.

Though the literature of the book, which is repetitive and extravagant, may put off the readers, the insights that it offers are going to remain with you from these 5 Must-Reads Books Every Student Should Read, and eventually bring such changes in you that you thought wasn’t possible.

I wrote this in my praise line for this book, “It has touched the deepest parts of me both thoughtfully and spiritually, therefore it would stick with me as a reminder that Now is always here, and so is peace.” And it has proved to be absolutely true.

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5: Adulthood is a Myth (Sarah Anderson)

Adulthood is a mythAnd here we go with the last book from my 5 Must-Reads Books Every Student Should Read. And you’d love this one, I am sure. One of the reasons may be that it is not particularly a book in ways we define books – it is a collection of doodle arts defining our adulthood and how it doesn’t exist in the ways we think it would. It is sweet and speaks so many truths that it is a joy to read.

Anderson has really nailed it when explaining how adults live; the laziness, the confusion, and overall messed up lives of the “grown-ups” that we are, are so minutely presented in this beautiful collection of simple art.

But I am not just recommending it from my 5 Must-Reads Books Every Student Should Read for how overflowingly sweet it is, it is also thoughtful. It tells you that you just become instantly mature when you turn 18, that struggles keep mounting up and you have to get your sh*t together. In an unannounced manner, it tries to show you how miserable you are living and that you have to change in order to take command of your life.

Read more about Adulthood is a Myth on Goodreads

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So that is my 5 Must-Reads Books Every Student Should Read for you to get started on your journey of reading. Books help you a lot and you can only find it out yourself that in which ways or how. It is different for everyone, but there is no doubt that you will always learn something from a book. I am aware that I didn’t include any fiction books, but it’s not that I think fictions are no good for students, they are. Therefore, I recommend you read our article on Ttop 5 Must Read Novels Every Student Should Read. Then, be sure to let us know if you liked the recommendations.

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