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Welcome Speech For School Opening Day After COVID-19 – Principal’s Address And Message to Motivate Students

The world lockdown of educational institutions has caused a major interruption in students’ learning process and almost every country decided to close their educational institutes, schools, colleges, and universities to stop the spread of COVID-19. These interruptions have not only been a short-term issue, and still can have long-term consequences for affected countries and seem to increase inequality. Fortunately, with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program, some countries have decided to reopen their educational institutes, schools, colleges, and universities under SOPS. In this article, we have written a welcome speech for school opening day after COVID-19, address, and message to students and parents by the principal.

Welcome Speech For School Opening After COVID-19

Dear Teachers and students, good morning and welcome back to school. After many months of the silent hall and empty classrooms, I am so delighted today to welcome you all, our teachers and students back into the learning environment. I hope you have enjoyed your time with your family in the COVID-19 holidays and prepared yourselves well for the study of the new academic year.

As you know the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected the learning cycle worldwide and leading to almost total closures of schools, colleges, and universities. However, in some locations, schools welcome students back to brick and classrooms. We have also taken and extensive preparation and planning into making our school re-entry safe and secure with some safety precautions and safeguards.

For me personally, it really is quite awesome to see shinning eyes and faces glancing over the top of masks, and you all seem ready and back to track with full of enthusiasm and energy to be on your toes again. I should remind you that we still have protocols and routines to become familiar with, and we all have to be confident in being able to begin the comeback positively. In the coming times, there will be some communication protocols, with masks, physical distancing, and regular handwashing. Still, we believe that we have things to face in place to be successful with school re-entry. Together as responsible students and teachers, and one family we will make our school a safe, secure, and healthy place for all of us.

Dear students, keep in mind that the Future is now and what you do today will determine and affect your future. It means that your future and your destiny depend on what you are doing today. I believe everyone is talented in their own way and you all have your own great God-given unique potential. Hence, believe in yourselves, always dream high and fly towards your dreams.

Besides, we all know that the pandemic and lockdown of education institutions has caused major interruptions in your learning cycle. Now with re-entry to your school, you should have proper planning, arrangements and set clear and achievable goals for yourselves. Because if you have concrete planning, you are already on the road to success and prosperity.

A fresh and healthy mindset is also important. Despite how well you have planned, you should have the tenacity to accept failure. In some aspects, you may fail and become frustrated, but never give up and have persistence. Don’t forget your dream and goals and the reality that you still can have a smart choice which is to learn from the failure and find out the solution and then overcome it when it appears again.

Dear students, we comprehend how great pressure you have faced because of the pandemic and you are facing now too, but we always help you and stand by you. We will bestow ourselves, how about you? I hope we will appreciate the efforts the staff members and teachers paid and make better use of these school supporting measures to analyze and explore your talents in studying and learning something new.

Indeed, our school mission is to provide a quality education so you can explore your talents in different forms and develop different perceptions. I am happy to share with you that this summer our students have excelled in different extra-curricular activities and I appreciate their contribution to the community and you all should take them as your role models and participate in the coming activates.

Meanwhile, dear students, be self-disciplined and polite to everyone, to your instructors, your classmates, and your schoolmates, be sympathetic to the weak, say hello to everyone you meet every day, always show your smiles and concerns to people. We can aim for excellence, and meanwhile, we can live with love, respect, and concern. Dear student, I trust we can do it.

Thanks to all my colleagues, staff members and I think with their struggle and support, you will have a very pleasant and fruitful school life. Today is the first day we meet after long holidays and I felt glad to share with you my experiences and thoughts. Once again, be a warrior and be excellent. May God bless you all and help you in your future success. Thank you. In the end, an instructor will once again explain the important precautions and the school safeguards you all need to follow and become familiar with to make our campus a safe and healthy place.

You can read the school safeguards, precautions and policies in the given link below:

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