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Expert Tips for Writing a Personal Statement for College Applications

A personal statement for college application is always the most important paper in the life of any student. Of course, some people would immediately argue that there are many more writing assignments that are significantly more complicated and definitely more important.

Of course, these people would give such examples as a term paper, a dissertation. Yes, we agree that these papers might be more complicated. But more important? Well, to start with, if you don’t write your personal statement for college applications in a proper way, you will not be accepted.

And, as you can imagine, you will not need to write all those term papers and dissertations. That’s why, in most cases, we would recommend considering a professional write my personal statement service rather than risking with your future.

So, what about checking what things you should do and what things you should avoid when writing a personal statement?

Do Not Do These Things If You Want to Succeed

So, here we go with the things any student should avoid if he/she wants to be considered as a potential candidate for college studies:

  • Do not beg. Come on, for each applicant, it is very important to be accepted. Otherwise, they would not have applied for studies in the college. And if you beg to be accepted right now and give all those pitiful reasons that are usually given by those who don’t have what to tell otherwise. Finally, remember those people who are in good physical condition and still beg in the street. What feelings do they evoke by you? So, remember: in the eye of the Admission Committee, you look like beggars.
  • Do not make a drama. There is no doubt that a tragic story from your childhood has had influence your choice of college. Of course, you can mention it. But this is not what the admission committee is usually interested in. They are more interested in your present rather than in your past. So, it is recommended to concentrate on your present rather than in the past.

Things to Do If You Want to Write a Perfect Personal Statement

And the following tips will increase your chances to be accepted significantly. They are simple, but they work flawlessly.

Arrange your statement according to the common structure of any paper:

  • The introduction;
  • The main part;
  • The conclusion.

Make your paper well structured, so that the admission committee representatives don’t have to look for different parts.

Arrange your statement logically. Do not jump from one idea to another without preparing a proper transition. Arrange your ideas in a proper chronological or other order.

Follow the principle called “take and give”. It means, not only explain the admission committee how and why you would profit from being admitted. Show them how useful you can be to the college and why the college might be interested to have you as one of its students. This approach can defeat even the strictest representatives of the admission committee.

Tell about your achievements in the field you have selected to study. If it is physics, you might mention some won competitions or an important new mechanism that was invented by you. The college representatives should get the idea that they need to accept you right now before any other establishment does it.

Make sure your statement is easy-to-read. The college representatives will not struggle to try to figure out what you mean. Hence, be clear. Provide all the needed proofs and express all the ideas in that clear and exact manner that would impress even a specialist.

Always proofread your personal statement. Check it not only for the presence of grammatical and other errors but check also its readability. You can even ask your friends to read it and mark the places that they found difficult to understand. Rewrite those places and give the statement again to a friend to check. Only after it is perfectly clear, you can finally submit it.

Technical Aspect Matters

Whatever college you have selected for your application, make sure you check some technical aspects, such as the personal statement structure, the volume, font, lists, and so on. Your attention to such details will prove the seriousness of your intentions and will show that you are able to perform the basic research that is needed to study.

We will tell you something else: in most colleges, your personal statement will not be considered if it is not compliant with these requirements. Hence, do not ignore them even if you believe that you are a genius and they will accept you as soon as they read your personal statement.

Do not forget to submit your personal statement on time (it is clear but we shall mention it) and wait for the results.

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