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102 Educational YouTube Channels Which Teach You Anything

YouTube is an amazing online platform which most of us probably use for listening to music, movies, or just procrastinating on homework. While it is certainly a platform for all the above things, there is a whole other side to this wonderful platform, too. Besides music channels, vlog and travel channels, there are hundreds of Legit Educational YouTube Channels to Teach You Anything.Educational YouTube Channels

Therefore, YouTube has countless channels that can teach you pretty much anything from any school subject to weird scientific facts or even how to start your own business and succeed in it.

With hundreds of hours of videos uploaded every minute, however, it is hard to sort out those educational YouTube channels that could indeed help you. Therefore, we have created the guide that covers 102 Legit Educational YouTube Channels to Teach You Anything.

102 Educational YouTube Channels that Teach You Anything

Below we have worked very hard to gather and categorize the educational YouTube channels to make it even easier for you to navigate through each.

Studying and Learning

Since we are talking about the best educational YouTube Channels, it makes sense if we start from those that help you in your studying and getting good grades.

Thus, some of the educational YouTube channels below mainly focus on studying technique such as the popular Feynman Technique. On the other hand, the rest of them guide you through different topics and subjects such as productivity, multitasking skill or Mathematics or science.

1.College Geek Info

Thomas Frank a 26-year-old guy, whose beard is awesome, fights bears in his spare time. However, his YouTube-College Geek Info is an amazing source to help you be awesome at school and college. He uploads 3 to 4 videos every month to help you read faster, ace your exams, crash procrastination, take amazing notes and more.

Visit College Geek Info

2. Mariana’s Study Corner

Besides currently pursuing a Master’s degree in international law, Mariana spends her spare time working on Mariana’s Study Corner. She gives tips on how to stay organized (something I need to learn), productive and create your own schedule.

Visit Marian’s Study Corner

3. Ana Mascara

Joined on May 2013, Ana still uses Windows Movie Maker nothing very fancy to edit her videos. She is a graduate student with a background in Clinical Psychology and Project Management, her channel has been trying to help students solve problems we all face.

She can help you in active reading, textbook note taking, studying smarter and being motivated through thick and thin.

Visit Ana Mascara

4. Study with Jess

Unlock your full potential and uncover your best life with Jessica Holsman. After graduating and spending several years volunteering, interning and researching about mental health, she decided to create a channel.

A channel she designed to inspire, motivate and support students and young adults. Hence, she now helps students to be organized, read more, practice mindfulness, and much more.

Visit Study With Jess

5. Studyign

This is from a current 18-year-old college student Sareena. The channel is very minimalist that focuses on great content than making things fancier. Thus, I am sure her content will help you in some ways.

Therefore, if you are looking for some help in school supplies, motivation and study method, then be sure to check out this channel.

Visit Studying

6. Med School Insider

Ever wondered what life in med-school feels like.

If you are a med student trying to figure out ways and advice on pursuing a medical career, this channel is especially for you. Nevertheless, any of you can take advantage of Dr. Kevin Jubbal’s tips and advice on studying smarter or waking up early.

Visit Med School Insider

7. Crash Course

Whether you are struggling with terms such as electric power, conductor or you are puzzled about the birth of microbiology. The Crash Course one of the best education YouTube channel is for you to help.

Here you can pretty much learn anything from computer science to history to biology.

Visit Crash Course

8. College Geek Info Podcast

The College Geek Info Podcast is a show and/or podcast dedicated to helping students and improving in every possible area of life.

Through the podcast hosted by Thomas Frank, you will learn how to study effectively, be more productive, become a better job candidate, and more. However, you will not learn how to conquer European countries.

Visit College Geek Info Podcast

9. Practical Psychology

The Practical Psychology is committed to giving informative videos and content to students. These animated and high-quality videos include book reviews, inspirational and motivational videos, as well as tutorials on several topics.

The topics include financial tips, romance, and happiness to psychological tips, personal development, and even productivity advice.

Visit Practical Psychology

10. Clever Programmer

Learn how to code with Rafe Qazi. The channel mainly concentrates on programming and tips and tricks to take your programming skill to the next level.

Visit Clever Programmer

11. CS Dojo

YK was a Google employ back then. However, he left his job due to his personal interest and reasons. Nevertheless, through his YouTube channel, he teaches programming to those who are passionate about coding.

Visit CS Dojo

12. Doctor Mike

Mikhail Varshavski, generally known as Doctor Mike, is a Russian–American celebrity doctor who works in New Jersey. He is actually a very cool doctor who shares his work experiences and insights through his YouTube channel to help you out there in various stages and fields as a doctor.

Visit Doctor Mike

13. MindYourDecisions

Presh Talwalkar studied Mathematics and Economics at Stanford. His videos include brain teasers, riddles, logic puzzles, viral math problems, and math topics from viewers around the world.

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Visit MindYourDecisions

14. standupmaths

Mathematics has always been considered to be a boring subject. However, not here because this channel is a mixture of stand up and mathematics.

Visit StandupMaths

15. Mathologer

This is the world of the Mathologer in which beautiful math rules. In real life, Burkard Polster is a math professor at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Visit Mathologer

16. TED

This channel is dedicated to sharing ideas worth sharing. They share a video every weekday. As you might know, the talk includes various ideas and experiences, so it worth the time.

Visit TED

17. TEDx Talks

It is a popularly well known global community that hosts TED-style events anywhere and everywhere. Each video is to celebrate locally-driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage. Moreover, each event is produced independently.

Visit TEDx Talks

18. TED-Ed

Besides the main TED channel, TED-ED is committed to creating lessons worth sharing. It is an extension of TED’s mission of spreading great ideas.

The video gallery includes carefully curated educational videos, many of which represent collaborations between talented educators and animators nominated through the TED-Ed website.

Visit TED-ED

19. Big Think

Explore big ideas and core skills that the define 21st century with Big Think. Besides, learn every essential skill and discover the ideas that could help you land your dream jobs.

Visit Big Think

20. Numberphile

Brady Haran makes videos about nothing very fancy but numbers. This is one of the best educational YouTube channels that talk about random mathematics questions and numbers.

Visit Numberphile

21. Numberphile2

It is the 2nd Numberphile channel of best educational YouTube channels. This is majorly created for extra footage or stuff that didn’t quite fit on the main channel.

Visit Numberphile2


For more than a decade, GSFLearnFree has been helping you learners learn the essential skills you require in this era. From

Microsoft Office and email to reading, math, and more, offers tutorials in more than 190 topics. Additionally, they offer more than 2,300 lessons as well as videos and interactives, completely free.



Whether you have any question about science and technology or struggling with physics or mathematics, the educational YouTube channels below can blow your mind.

23. Vsauce

Do you want to know how much of the world can you see at once? You want to make sure if it is okay to touch mars. Alternatively, you might be curious about the one who owns the moon.

If any of the above queries interested you, it is a good idea to spend some quality 2 hours on YouTube watching Michael Stevens’s amazing universe.

Visit Vsause

24. Physics Girl

It is one of the best educational YouTube channels for students who want to follow a career in physics. Here Dianna Cowern shares her knowledge and journey to pursuing her career to becoming the Physics Girl.

Moreover, she shares content on different topics that can help dive deeper into understanding scientific theories.

Visit Physics Girl

25. Simon Clark

A choral scholar, book geek, Oxford graduate, cinephile, and Oxford comma enthusiast or Simon Clark is a climate physics student by day and YouTuber by night. He submitted his thesis 21st of June. Nevertheless, as of 19 October, he then has to resubmit his thesis due to some major correction to be made.

Anyways, he makes videos about physics and books in addition to vlogging. Hence, if you want to know the history of pi (π), watch Simon’s video below.

Visit Simon Clark

26. 3Blue1Brown

Created by Grant Sanderson, 3Blue1Brown is an educational YouTube channel mixed with some combination of math and entertainment, depending on your disposition. Moreover, the moto of the channel is to simplify complex questions with animation.

Visit 3Blue1Borwn

27. Veritasium

A tremendous place where you can learn pretty much anything about science, education, and anything else you can ever think of.

Visit Veritasium 

28. Vsauce3

Jake Roper launched Vsauce3 in September 2012. The channel features videos on scientific, psychological, mathematical, and philosophical topics, as well as gaming, culture, technology, and other usual interest subjects.

Visit Vsauce3

29. Draw Curiosity

It is a science educational YouTube channel to stimulate and entertain your curiosity with interesting science and language facts. The content of the channel is further categorized into:

  1. The classic Draw Curiosity video: where Inés Dawson chooses a topic which draws him curiosity
  2. Snippet Science: a very short form under 2-minute video covering one concept
  3. Collaborations: where he features other science educators
  4. Raw Curiosity: where he takes you along with him to science events

Visit Draw Curiosity

30. Seeker

Most of us are obsessed with cute cats and dogs. But ever imagined how close we are to talking with the animal. I hope yes.

Seeker is a platform where science, technology, and innovation collide. Thus, start discovering and learning.

Visit Seeker


Do you want to know more about our awesome planet or discover the secret to saving little bees? On the other hand, even if you are curious about why are the penguins at the equator. You can find the answers to all these questions by visiting The Minute Earth.

So, explore the science of the world, with a special focus on animals and food science with the animated videos by Minute Earth.

Visit MinuteEarth

32. Science ABC

It is the source of fun and knowledge for not only those who love science but also for those of you who hate science.

Visit Science ABC

33. DeepSkyVideos

Explore universe – one video at a time. Their videos feature the famous Messier Catalogue and access to world-class telescopes by Brady Haran.

Visit DeepSkyVideo

34. Sixty Symbols

You can explore breathtaking physics and astronomy with every Sixty Minute video like the how you can go faster the speed of light.

Visit Sixty Symbol

35. TierZoo

“For those of you looking to optimize your gameplay in real life, look no further than this channel.”

With the goal to get gamers interested in zoology, TierZoo uses gaming strategies to making videos that seek to analyze the Meta to determine the best current builds. They talk about the properties of various animal classes.

Visit TierZoo

36. Up and Atom

After three years and a hundred lab sessions, Jade says that she realized that she is terrible at experiments. Therefore, she is on YouTube to help you all out there.

So, check out her channel if you want to know why F=ma cuts it when we get down to particle land.

Visit Up and Atom

37.In a Nut Shell

The list of best educational YouTube channels is steeped with tons of educational YouTube channels that create animated videos. However, In a Nut Shell is probably the only one that creates the eye-catching animated videos.

Besides, making gorgeous videos, they mainly focus on quality than quantity. Therefore, they publish one video every month.

Watch the video below, to discover why our cousin human species do not exist anymore as there were 6 other of us.

Visit In a Nut Shell

38. Isac Arthur

With an emphasis on space and future exploration, this channel focuses on exploring concepts in science. Hence, if you are interested in futurism and space exploration, do not miss checking out this channel.

Visit Isac Arthur

39. Science With Katie

Did you ever wonder what everyday things cause cancer or what actually is cancer? Or you just want to study osmosis, mitosis or meiosis. Anyhow, check this channel out to clear basic concept of science.

Visit Science With Katie

40. SciShow

“SciShow explores the unexpected.”

For seven days a week, Michael Aranda and Olivia Gordon bring out a topic that blows our mind with curiosity. Moreover, each day has different content.

  1. Sundays: Learn about the amazing topics
  2. Mondays: Tune in for a short Dose about our weird world
  3. Tuesdays: Find answers to their most asked Quick Questions
  4. Wednesdays: Hank or Michael dives deep into a long-form Infusion episode, or an unscripted talk show or quiz show with a guest!
  5. Thursday: Another new dose about the wonders of the world
  6. Fridays: Learn the latest in science News
  7. Saturdays: Get your quick questions answered!

Thus, for a daily dose of amazing knowledge, be sure to tune in.

Visit SciShow

41. MinutePhysics

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Minute Physics is a very awesome educational YouTube channel that explains the cool physics and other sweet sciences with ease.

Essentially scientists have been predicting the future on our beloved planet earth; we need to look for a better place. A planet probably whose environment could allow us to continue living. After a long research, we have finally discovered a planet.

However, we can not land on that this soon. Why? Check the video below to know the reason why we cannot land on Mars.

Visit MinutePhysics

42. SciShow Physics

With a quite similar logo and style, SciShow Psych focuses mainly on how incredible can a human brain can be. Therefore, it digs deep into the science of “us” and elaborates how the human brain works.

Visit SciShow Physics

43. SciShow Space

Do you love looking into the moon at the dark night when the sky is full of stars shining far away from us? So, check this channel out.

Because you will find everything from the beginning of time itself to current groundbreaking researches about the space.

Visit SciShow Space 

44.Star Talk

On this educational YouTube channel, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and various guests including scientists discuss astronomy, physics, and everything else about life in the universe.

Visit Star Talk 


Ever wondered which came first, the egg or the chicken. Probably YES! We all pay little or more attention to questions such as this.

AsapSCIENCE is an amazing YouTube Channel with fascinating whiteboard videos. This channel has an answer to almost any question you can think of.


46. BrainCraft

This channel mainly focuses on the psychological side of our life. Talking about psychology and why we act the way we do, they upload a new video every Thursday.

Visit BrainCraft

47. Looking Glass Universe

For those of you who are curious about maths and physics, Looking Glass Universe has tons of knowledge to offer you.

Visit Looking Glass Universe

48. Think Twice

They rarely upload anything but whatever they upload it is worth watching. However, they are informative and interesting.

Visite Think Twice

49. Objectivity

It is an amazing channel that makes videos about cool objects incorporating both history and science.

Visite Objectivity


The Educational YouTube channels would feel lacking something until we add up some tech channels. Because let us be honest we all know how rapidly the tech need is growing. Moreover, as our professor, sir KB mentioned a couple of months ago everything will be replaced by fast-growing pieces of technology in the coming decades.

50. Frame of Essence

The security of the Internet majorly depends on encryption. Even though we believe the Internet is a safe place for our information out there, there are still some gaps to be filled. Honestly, some of us do not realize how dangerous can those gaps be.

Therefore, knowledge and precaution play a vital role in all such occasions. To get the answer to your question about your security, watch the video below created by Frame of Essence.

Visite Frame of Essence

51. Linus Tech Tips

Love Technology? Want to know what is trending. Watch Linus Tech Tips because they make entertaining videos about technology, including tech reviews, showcases, and other content. Personally, I love how entertaining Linus has created tech YouTube videos.

Visite Linus Tech Tips

52. Unbox Therapy

Literally, Unbox Therapy is a platform where tech products get naked. From iPhones, Lewis Hilsenteger reviews, to MacBooks, to Galaxys, to Surface laptops everything, to cool gadgets you never knew existed thoroughly.

Visite Unbox Therapy

53. TechAlter

With TechAlter, explore the unexpected and unexplored trends of the day that shape our tech industry.

Visite TechAlter

54. Austin Evans

Reveal the trending tech from gaming PCs to smartphones and everything in between. Find out whether that new gadget on the market worth your money. And discover the coolest piece of tech available in the market.

Visite Austin Evans

55. UrAvgConsumer

The UrAvgConsumer is a YouTube Channel where you will find all about tech. Here you will find a man obsessed with tech and wants to let you know how it can serve you at its highest potential.

Visite UrAvgConsumer

56. SuperSaf TV

It is one of UK’s largest technology review channel. The host of the channel is Safwan Ahmedmia who is devoted to bringing news, views and reviews of the latest Smartphones, Cameras and other Tech on the market.

Visit SuperSaf TV

57.Marques Bro

MKBHD or Marques Brownlee is a tech lover who is obsessed about tech. Through his YouTube channel, he shares all tech reviews and his tech obsession.

Visit Marques Bro

58. Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan makes high-quality videos blending tech and showcasing the latest products & gadgets.

Visit Jonathan Morrison

59. EverythingApplePro

Want to be updated about the premium looking phones? EverythingApplePro is a channel which talks about the best iPhone, iPad, iPod Reviews, Drop Tests, Comparisons, Jailbreaks, Tweaks, Tutorials, help and more.

Visit EverythingApplePro

60. JerryRigEverything

Zack Nelson the creator of JerryRigthing loves tech. Therefore, he makes videos all about technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos. Besides, he tries out other projects and things he enjoys such as drones & fixing random things.

Visit JerryRigEverything

61. What’s Inside?

Do you want to know what is inside Apple Watch Series 4, then watch the video below? Moreover, subscribe to What’s Inside to know what is inside every other product.

Visit What’s Inside?

62. iJustine

Justine is one of Steve Jobs’ and Apple’s big fans. She makes videos about everything tech related. From newest iPhone to testing camera of Samsung Note 9, she is the first one look for.

Moreover, she is considered to be one of YouTube’s first creator right after the launch of YouTube.

Visit iJustine

63. Sara Dietschy

The creator Sara works really hard in competing a big YouTube community. She uploads 2 to 3 videos every week. She makes videos about Tech, Creativity, Vlogs, Documentary, Reviews / How-To, Entrepreneurship, Travel & Lifestyle.

Visit Sara Dietschy

64. NothingButTech88

You probably know that tech YouTube community is steeped with men. Thus, we hardly ever see a female making videos about any tech product.

Besides her studies, Jacklyn is trying to bring a uniquely female perspective to the tech space. I think it is very appreciable and appreciating those who do something out of their normality is something I would call Noble work.

Visit NothingButTech88

65. Collin and Samir

Samir being an Indian boy away from his homeland with Collin from New Jersy with no film school background are together a great chemistry. Certainly, they make amazing content about different topics. However, I love their Break Down series where they break down what is happening on YouTube. And I believe you will like it too if you are obsessed about YouTube world.

Moreover, besides making videos they encourage others to make videos. Then, upload them on Twitter and tag them. On Twitter, they have kinda made a community this way. So, every week they have a Weekend Film Fest.

Visit Collin And Samir

66. Creator Insider

It is kinda informal YouTube channel to share information from the YouTube Creator technical team with the wider Creator community. Their team works on the product you use with YouTube to manage your channel.

Visit Creator Insider

Geography, history, and Society

If you are a sucker for weird history and geography facts, you should subscribe to the educational YouTube channels below. Because these educational YouTube channels give you a better understanding of our past and present.

67. Freedom in Thought

Do you major in humanities or social sciences in school? If YES, then you should probably subscribe to this channel. Even if you didn’t major in any of the above ones, Freedom in Thought is honestly very helpful to you.

Because their motive is to make social science and humanities more accessible to all those of you who did not major in them but still want to learn. Besides their main channel, you can watch Freedom in Thoughts Podcasts to get your problems solved.

Visit Freedom In Thought

68. National Geographic

The National Geographic is the world’s premium option for science, exploration, and adventure. With the help of talented photographers, filmmakers, and journalists and world-class scientists, National Geographic brings you closer to the stories that matter. The stories of our world and of creatures living in.

Visit National Geographic

69. Austin McConnell

He has been making videos ever since on various platforms. His content includes video essays, weird history, and much more. Moreover, he makes videos about a wide range of topics including why the silent films are boring and what to do if your parachute fails.

Visit Austin McConnell

70. City Beautiful

The City Beautiful is one of the best educational YouTube channels dedicated to giving people knowledge about different places. They make videos educating everyone about cities and city planning.

Moreover, on the topics, they make videos are transportation, land use planning, and urban design.

Visit City Beautifull

71.  Second Thought

Do you love music? Your answer is probably yes. But you ever wondered what is the loudest sound in the history? If yes, this means you are probably the type of person who is obsessed about finding answers to weird but interesting questions.

Even if you never thought of that, don’t panic because we aren’t all the same. And that different “You” is actually beautiful.

Thus, subscribe to Second Thought to reveal the things that are worth thinking about.

Visit Second Thought

72. Half as Interesting

The Half as Interesting is a wonderful channel amongst the best educational YouTube channels which carefully examines random facts and figures about history and geography to make videos worth watching.

Visit Half as Interesting

73. Vox

In educational YouTube channels, there needs to be one channel that should keep you updated. Vox is the one that cuts through the noise and understands what is driving events in headlines.

Visit Vox

74. CGP Grey

The CGP Grey is one of the obscure educational YouTube Channels that makes interesting animated videos about technology, politics, history, philosophy, and a lot more.

Visit CGP Grey

75. Mustard

Amongst these interesting educational YouTube channels, Mustard explores curious and often little-known topics and strives to make them entertaining by focusing on beautiful presentations and engaging narratives.

Visit Mustard

76.  Knowing Better

The Knowing Better educational YouTube channel makes videos about history, government, and psychology. All with the aim of helping you be a more Up to date and informed person.

Visit Knowing Better

77. PolyMatter

The PolyMatter is an animated educational YouTube channel. This focuses on thoughtful content and anything related to business.

Visit PolyMatter

78. Wendover Productions

This is one of those YouTube channels that focuses on how our world works. You can learn anything from travel to economics, to geography, to marketing and a lot more. Thus, surely every video will offer you a little better understanding of our world.

Visit Wendover Productions 

79. Suibhne

The channel makes videos just like most of the educational YouTube channels in this list. However, the videos particularly focus on macro-history of particular nations and cultures.

Visit Suibhne

80. SuibhneSam O’Nella Academy

This channel mainly focuses on topics of little value. However, these topics worth a fortune when paid little attention to.

Visit SuibhneSam O’Nella Academy

81. Real Life Lore

Ever wanted answers to questions that you never asked? If so, Real Life Lore is a place to get answers to questions from. The answers are of varying topics including history, geography, economics, and science.

Visit Real Life Lore

Self-improvement and Creativity

Are you someone who likes to grow and get better? Do you constantly look for ways and opportunities to improving yourself to get admission to a particular college or land to your dream job?

Then, this section of our best educational YouTube channels list is going to be fun for you. Besides, you can let us know your strategies of improvement below in the comments.

82. The Creative Exchange

Sara Ditschy’s second creation is The Creative exchange where she calls creators on YouTube to explain their experiences. So, they talk about different topics on improving and excelling in all areas of life.

Visit The Creative Exchange

83. Improvement Pill

This educational YouTube channel is dedicated to conveying crucial ideas to those who are willing to make a change. Each video is designed to inspire, motivate, or teach you something that would lead you towards improvement.

Visit Improvement Pill

84. Beginner Tuts

Improve and become a better person and student with these tips and tricks Beginner Tuts provide. They make content on improving such as how to adopt rich people’s habits to become one, how to read 2 to 3 books per week and a lot more.

Visit Beginner Tuts

85. Charisma on Command

Whether it is becoming charismatic or confident 1,989,079 people all over the globe rely on this channel. So, they make videos to help you to be more confident, how to make people laugh, how to be more likable.

Visit Charisma on Command

86. The School of Life

This is a global organization dedicated to promoting emotional well-being. Besides, their YouTube channel, they have their physical schools in different 10 locations around the world with the same purpose.

They apply philosophy, psychology, and culture to everyday life, addressing the questions we are never taught enough about at regular school or college.

Visit The School of Life


The Bright side is a very well known YouTube channel. Though it is not very particularly an educational Youtube channel, it teaches you fun facts about varying topics causing you to look at the bright side of life.

Visit Bright Side

88. Gentleman’s Gazette

The Gentleman’s Gazette is an online magazine and a shop for those of you who want to look their best and cover all things related to gentlemen. The online shop offers classic men’s clothing, luxurious accessories, craftsmanship, men’s style, and Savoir Vivre.

Visit Gentleman’s Gazette

89. Tim Ferriss

He has been listed as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People,” one of Forbes’s “Names You Need to Know,” and one of Fortune’s “40 under 40.” Yet he is most famous for his book The 4-Hour Workweek.

In his YouTube channel, he discusses self-improvement and health.

Visit Tim Ferris

90. The Buon Life

If you are not improving, you are losing.

The creator talks about how you are ultimately failing if you don’t improve. There are motivational speeches and tips for getting better. Then, start watching and develop.

Visit The Bunon Life

91. Primed

Mental, Physical and Financial improvement is the focus of this particular channel. Consequently, they let you take small steps to big improvement. Because the motive of this channel like many any other educational YouTube channels is to optimize your life and become primed.

Visit Primed 

92. Dr. Michael van

Besides any kind of tips and tricks, there should be some educational YouTube channels educate us about our health. Dr. Michael Van is similar to that.

He focuses on ways to optimize health via the NATURAL method. He makes videos on exercise, diet, nervous system function, healing chiropractic techniques, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression, arthritis and much, much more!

Visit Dr. Michael Van

93. How to ADHD

Whether you have ADHD or you know somebody who has it or you just want to learn more about it, it is for you. It is a place to keep all the strategies they have learned about having and living with ADHD.

Visit How to ADHD

94. Mental Floss

It is an amazing channel steeped with random information about the paper, history, Halloween, bears, dogs, shopping malls back to school and much more.

Visit Mental Floss

Money, Business, and Entrepreneurship

The other day when our professor Sr Arif Kamil was giving us a lecture on the early problems Pakistan faced, he mentioned one of the very important points:

” If you don’t learn to grow and lead, you will eventually be replaced by someone. Someone better than you; someone more powerful than you. Consequently, you will become a part of the 98% of the population who are led by 2% of the entire population. “

Certainly, you can’t lead until you have the right skill set. Therefore, you don’t only need a medical or engineering certificate to make a change. But you need to learn how to set and grow your own business.

95. Garry Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk is the chairman of a modern-day media and communications holding company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia. In addition to VaynerMedia, VaynerX also includes Gallery Media Group and  ONE37pm. Moreover, he also serves as a partner in the athlete representation agency VaynerSports.

Thus, he has a lot of business to be engaged with, however, he spends his sometimes with the YouTube community he has built. He makes videos about different topics which he lives particularly his life on. In addition to this, he vlogs from time to time sharing his life experiences with the world.

Visit Garry Vee

96. Ask Garry vee

Besides Garry’s main YouTube channel, his podcast kinda show is an excellent place to start from. Here he shares all his insights about different and crucial topics from life to business as an answer to question askes from all over the world.

Visit Ask Garry Vee

97. Business Casual

Want to know how much the Apple, Samsung, Amazon or any other big company worth. Or how did they build these giant businesses? Business Casual exposes just how deeply-rooted companies are in the modern world. And how have they become what they are?

In this list of educational YouTube channels, it is the one which focuses all on companies and corporations. Besides they also tell you about people who play important roles in building these.

Visit Bussiness Casual 

98. Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income also is known as Pat Flynn due to its creator. It is a place where you can learn how to make more money, save more time, & help more people, too.

Pat Flynn has generated over $5 million in earnings through a diverse set of income streams: digital products, affiliate marketing, software, books, coaching, public speaking, advertising, and more. Therefore, he can better tell you how to make some passive money.

Visit Pat Flynn

99. The Financial Diet

The 99th channel in 102 educational YouTube channels is The Financial Diet. It is about personal finance in a way that doesn’t make you want to curl up in a ball and cry.

Visit The Financial Diet

100. Bill Gates

Tune in this channel to learn about those things which Bill Gates focuses on: saving lives, improving education, and delivering cleaner, cheaper sources of energy.

Visit Bill Gates

101. Bloomberg

Besides learning to how to build your own business, get the latest updates. So, stay updated about the latest financial news and market analysis, direct from Bloomberg TV.

Visit Bloomberg 

102. Evan Carmichael

Carmichael is dedicated to solving the world’s one of biggest problem: untapped human potential. The reason he is in this Legit Educational YouTube channels is he tries to make you believe that as this wasn’t impossible for Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, it isn’t impossible for you too.

Visit Evan Carmichael


So that is it for the Educational YouTube channels to teach you anything in 2019. I hope all of these educational Youtube channels have been helpful.

Moreover, below let us know what are your favorite educational YouTube channels. And what other ways you exercise to learn new skills and/or get some extra information.

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