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Effective Habits of Highly Successful Students

Occasionally impressed by their performance, you might wonder what are the effective habits of the highly successful students? Or with which habits can you become a successful student? Let’s face it, good habits can only change your life for good.

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Psychologist Yana Weinstein’s Research on Effective Habits Of Highly Successful Students

Yana Weinstein, assistant professor of psychology, did some hard work research on effective studying techniques. She didn’t realize the core concept until she heard an NPR program on educators. She realized that there is a huge gap between the research and the practical ways to let students and teachers apply them.

“The research stays in an academical circle, even though we were doing applied research.”  she says. “I asked myself Why am I not going out in the community and talking and asking the question from the people about about these effective strategies that I research?”

Hence, she came out and found out some secret habits and strategies of successful students. Apart from Weinstein research results, we did some more homework. So, below are some of the best strategies successful students use to knock out the hard stuff.

1. Space out your studying

Cramming for the tests and/or assignments a night before the test is not the way to studying effectively.  The best way is to start a month earlier or at least a week. Preferably, if you start earlier, you can review all the material. Alternatively, you can just recall important earlier material the night before exams.

2. Practice recalling information from memory

Put away your books, notebooks, and notes and just take a piece of paper and just try to write down whatever comes to your mind which is related to the topic from memory. Then, check whether you had written it right and wrong.

Moreover, make flashcards and take a test from yourself and practice. Alternatively, study with your partner and ask questions and quizzes from each other to review everything well.

3. Time management and planning

Time management and planning are the most crucial tasks to do. Also, it is one of the most effective habits of a successful student. Wait for a second, you might wonder how to start planning.

It is easy. You should start with writing all the tasks you need to accomplish till the end of the day. Next, guess how long will a specific task take. Then, you can use your phone or somebody to remind you. By doing this you will be able to do everything quickly until bedtime.

Remember while doing a specific task, don’t go to others works. Focus on the same task you have set the time for.

4. Set Goals for Each Study Session

Study without any correct time can’t be a good habit but the effective student habit is this that a correct time to study and the time always should not be changed it should always the same. By doing this you will be an effective student ever. Remember that for this you need to have a goal that you should that. Wile doing this method don’t forget the time setup.

5. study effectively

One of the most effective habits of a highly successful student is studying effectively. After all, you are a student, so you need to create strategies that enable you to study effectively. Alternatively, you need to develop habits of studying smart not hard.

  1. Read the chapter before going to the school because it will help you to understand better than what the professor is talking about.
  2. Only keep the things which are important for you while studying. Disregard the thing which will distract your mind while studying.
  3. Ask questions and take a test from yourself of what you’re learning about. It will also help to remember things for a long time.
  4. practice those things that you study about on that day and remember that while doing this task don’t even try to see the books and the notebooks.
  5. Moreover, you can read our thorough guide on studying like a pro.

6. Reward yourself when you deserve it

When you have tested yourself and remembered what you learned the other day. So, reward yourself with something even if it is small. By doing this you will want to work more because that you feel appreciated. So, to get an award again, you will work better and harder.

7. Write Neatly and Highlight 

Effective Habits Of Highly Successful Students is that they just write neatly and highlight crucial points. They write the dates, heading, subheading in bold to make it easier to understand.

They usually do not cram but they organized their ideas and just color highlight to remember the main points. It is a better choice for the students than cramming a night before exams.

8. Brainstorming and generating ideas

One of the crucial effective habits of a highly successful student is brainstorming and generating ideas. So, it is the most important thing to do if you want to be a successful student. So, how to do this?

  1. Write your main topic and highlight it.
  2. Suppose your title is animals so, first write their types ( Lion, Elephant etc).
  3. How many types are there like ( Dromedary, Bacterin etc)
  4. and else…

9. Review Your Notes 

Usually, your notes contain important information and there is a great chance of facing it on the test paper. Thus, reviewing your notes will help you to remember crucial information for a long time.

For reviewing before your test, you need to take notes. Read more on How to Take Notes in Class: 5 Best Note-taking Methods.

10. Eat that Frog first

I remember coming across this weird book title Eat that Frog First. For a second I wanted to laugh out loud. Then, after reading some reviews about the book, I was stunned.

Briefly, don’t put off the hard project at the end. Because putting of the hardest task will only give you excuses on why you should watch the new movie or go out. So, you will not be able to do your hard project.

Thus. it is must to do your hard projects first. This will make you feel that hard thing is done and others are easy to do. Hence, you won’t hesitate to complete your tasks.

11. Stay Motivated

Staying motivated all the time is a hard thing but is one of the effective habits of the highly successful students. Have a look at our huge collection of Most Motivational Quotes for students to Stay Motivated in Life.


So, it was all about Effective Habits Of Highly Successful Students. Remember that practicing one of them will not give your desired result. Because they are all connected in some ways. I hope these Effective Habits Of Highly Successful Students will help you become a successful student too.

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